Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree

I am totally in love. Cora Belle and Filbert are the most darling pair of baby goats. They have settled in quite nicely. Cora Belle has been taking the bottle from day one but Filbert put up such a fuss I stopped trying. The other day I gave Cora Belle her bottle and then thought I'd try Filbert one last time. They had spent their first night in their stall and he was feeling a bit sorry for himself. I put the nipple in his mouth. He didn't protest, thought about it a second, took a sip and has never looked back. He loves his bottle and now he is putty in my hands. He loves me. Bottle babies are great. While they are drinking I pet them all over to get them used to being handled, everywhere. Besides there is nothing cuter than a baby goat, tail wagging, and drinking out of a bottle. I purposely wanted them to bottle feed. My son and his girlfriend are coming home for the weekend. I think part of the farm experience has to be bottle feeding a baby goat, don't you think? And I have noticed that it comforts them to have a bit of milk.

I let the kids out with the big goats yesterday and much to my surprise the herd was quite nice to the babies. It is fascinating watching animals respect the babies of the herd. Cora Belle and Filbert were very comfortable with the big goats. Semi Sweet acts like they might even be hers, she just can't remember.

When I get home from school I let all the critters out in the common pasture. Not Cora Belle and Filbert though. They are just too little yet. So imagine my surprise when I went to put everyone away tonight and meeting me at the gate is Filbert and Cora Belle. I couldn't imagine how they got out.But when you put two Belles together it means TROUBLE. They put their two Belle heads together and pushed the dog crate across the stall and jumped on that into the other goat stall that was open to the pasture. So they were free to join in the herd fun. Out came the dog crate and Hubby swears there is no way a baby goat can get over that wall. I don't think he has heard the stories. I told him that these are not ordinary goats. These are super athletic goats. The likes of which we have never seen. He looked a little concerned.
Now if I could just get him to stop calling her Clara Belle.


Stephanie said...

I'll bottle feed a baby goat!

sugarcreekstuff said...

There is no way to be mad at those two clever little naughty goats. They are just so adorable.

Anonymous said...

Those are just the cutest little goats. But, I love goats. You are right about bottle babies being great. I think it soothes them and the bottle giver too.
They do sound like they may get into a little trouble ever now and then, but I am sure they can get away with a good bit with those cute faces.
I sorta of like Clara Belle too! lol...
Loved the picture.


I think as women we were born to cuddle and feed little creatures, whether their human or pets. As I read this story it made me miss my days as a daycare mom, holding and snuggling babies all day long. There's no better feeling and it totally removes one from the busy adult world. I'm all for moving through this world with as much ease as I can. You have created the perfect world in your own back yard. So I'm thinking if you could just create a little shack for me to live in out in the pasture, I would be in seventh heaven. I could just play with the animals all day. :) Just a thought. I'm trying to plan my future.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm so glad to her that Filbert finally has taken to the bottle feeding. I know that will be such a blessing with the bonding you desire.
Besides like you said 'milking baby goats (or any baby animal, for that matter) is such an important part of a farm experience'.
I can't wait to hear how your son and his girlfriend enjoy the goats, too.

I'm still bottle feeding Moon Pie, even though he is over 9 weeks old now. He drinks over 16 oz now, and would drink more if I let him!

He spends all day up at the barn and pasture with the other critters, but sleeps in an x-large rabbit cage in the house at night.

This weekend were going to try and move him up to the barn permanently, but I know he will cry for me to come get him when it gets dark. I hope I can be strong...and him, too.

I'm going to miss having him in the house because he is the tamest, most cuddly critter I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. He is more like an over friendly dog...a real pocket goat, if you know what I mean.
I truly had no idea that goats could be that way.
And like you, I'm loving it!

Country Girl said...

We are bottle feeding 2 kids right now too, they are sweet as ever! It has been a great experience for our kids and we have had fun with it too!