Saturday, June 11, 2011

We are the Champions!

I'm a pretty competitive person. I like to win and when I don't I'm not very happy. Just ask the goatfarmer. She's been on a few ride homes with me when I ranted about never showing again.
Then I had an epiphany. I was ruining it for myself....and the goatfarmer. I decided that I was going to go to shows to simply enjoy myself. Shows usually involve driving to beautiful countrysides with a tall cup of coffee. I would enjoy just watching and learning. That was the plan. I'd wear my Life is Good shirt and read the tag-Do what you like. Like what you do. That would be my mantra.
So when Cora Belle entered the first ring at the goat show in Stanwood, we were very pleased with our Reserve Champion and the judge's complimentary comments.
Then Cora Belle entered the second ring and I could tell the judge liked her. That was good enough for us! But not for the judge. He picked Cora Belle as Grand Champion and Best of Breed. He couldn't say enough nice things about her and her dairy character.
As we entered the last ring I was pretty hopeful. This was the wife of the judge that liked Cora Belle. They looked like they had been married long enough to develop the same likes in goats.
But the judge only looked at Cora Belle a little bit and looked at a few other goats a lot longer.
It took me by surprise to have her ask me to take Cora Belle to the head of the line and once again Cora Belle was Grand Champion and Best of Breed and finished her championship.
The ride home was filled with rehashing and sudden outbursts of We are the Champions, that is until I saw the flashing lights in my rear view mirror and a big voice boomed over a loudspeaker for me to pull up past the guardrail of the very, very, busy Interstate 5.
Apparently my tabs had expired....6 months ago. The nice state patrolman told me a ticket would be very expensive so he would just let me go with a verbal warning.
As a truck slowed to let me back onto the very, very, busy freeway, the goatfarmer said,

"Today is the day. The day you buy a lottery ticket".

Sunday, June 5, 2011


When is a hen a rooster ? When it is a rooster. Where did he come from? We have a strict no rooster policy. I don't want my neighbors losing any sleep.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Coffee Break

Every day at the same time I take my coffee break. I walk by the health room to pick up my friend so we can talk horses and goats for 15 minutes. So I was a bit surprised yesterday when I showed up around the same time and my friend was on the phone and said "Oh you're here already? Can we wait a few minutes?"
Then when she did come to break a few minutes later she was nervous as a cat. As I talked to her she kept looking over my head out the window and would say "Uh huh".
I could tell she wasn't really listening.

And I was talking about horses and hay....her favorite things!

She all of a sudden jumped up and told me to come with her. We went out on the front porch and I saw this....

Then this.....

Coming for me!

As my principal watched out the window, I crawled into the seat of the cart alongside Molly, horse trainer extraordinaire, and she took me for a little drive.

We went down the street past my little farm, turned around, and then this happened.

I got to drive!

I have never driven before and I tell you it is much harder than it looks. But what a feeling.

A few minutes later we were back at school, Molly dropped me off and went on her way.

Thank you Breeze. Thank you Molly.

And most of all, Thank you Gail. I should have known you'd have a very good reason to not want to talk horses and hay.