Saturday, April 19, 2008

New Kids on the Block

In between April snowstorms we brought Cora Belle and Filbert home, along with some milk and a bottle. I am going to bottle feed them for awhile so that we can bond. Now they have never had a bottle but we decided to give it a shot. Cora Belle took right to it but Filbert acted like we were fattening him up for the kill. He has heard stories in the goat yard about what happens to some wethers. Eventually he decided that he was a bit hungry so he gave it a sip. Cora Belle sucked hers down in nothing flat. But these two are as different as can be. Cora Belle will let me touch her all over, Filbert won't let me touch him anywhere. He is very cautious. She is very curious.

Filbert was kind of overlooked by me. I only had eyes for the lovely Cora Belle. Now that I have been able to spend some time with him I can see he is a very pretty boy. He looks just like a miniature French Alpine. So it is my mission to get him as comfortable in his own skin as possible. I will do the TTellington Touch on him. It is a series of movements that you do, with your fingers, on their little bodies while they lie on your lap. I have done it before on babies that are just a little shy and it gets them very comfortable with being touched.

We have them in a dog crate in the "old" bathroom/mudroom because we are having some freakishly cold weather and they were cold. They are all snuggled in getting lots of attention......and I don't have to go outside. Now I just have to get Hubby to stop calling her Clara Belle.

And because I still think I need another doe, I put an order in for a MiniMancha doeling.


Danni said...

Ha ha ha...loved the comment about getting your man to stop calling her Clara Belle...:-)
That top photo of just their eyes peering out is a hoot. I'm so glad you got the both of them...seems somehow so much more gentle of a transition to a new home that way.
You got me thinking, though....I have a huge dog crate just that size...hmmmmm... :-)
Welcome to your new home Cora Belle and Filbert!! You're going to love it there!

goatgirl said...

Yes, a huge crate is a start. Don't ever part with it. I can't tell you all the things that crate has done.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Does Cora Belle have blue eyes or is that just a camera trick? So sweet, and i love Filberts name.

goatgirl said...

Yes sugarcreekstuff, Cora Belle does have blue eyes.

Marigold said...

Obviously Cora Belle follows in my footsteps, taking after our mama, Hannah Belle Lecter. Filbert, takes after...well, I am not quite sure who he takes after, but I bet he'll warm up when the animal cookies come out.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


Welcome Filbert and Cora Belle!!

I kow about the usefulness of those large crates! hehe
And large rabbit cages, too. (wink)

Hey Marigold, I think that Filbert is another kind of nut...might even be tastier than peanuts. What do you think?

Moon Pie