Tuesday, April 1, 2008

All the Dog a Person Needs

We got lucky when we adopted Solomon last Halloween. I had wanted a Chihuahua for some time but I didn't want a shivering shaky freak of a dog. I wanted a big dog in a small package. And it had to be black. So when Solomon's family had a new baby, he was out. I truly don't get it because he is so easy and loves children and people. Even babies! He is impeccably housebroken and a funny happy guy. We keep saying to him "Why would anyone give you up?" (I don't know, maybe he licked his bottom and then the baby:) Dogs do stuff like that. But they are young and did a wonderful job with him in his puppy hood. This is no shivering, shaking and scared Chihuahua we all think about. Oh no, he is the most fearless (in a nice way) little creature I have ever seen. Able to leap off and on beds in a single bound. He has never met a stranger and loves to run around the farm herding goats and chickens. He would make the perfect agility dog if he had someone that was motivated to get off her behind and do it! And I know if he could he would retrieve a pheasant for Hubby if he could just go hunting too.
We now say, all the time, to anyone that will listen, "This is all the dog a person needs."
Here is Solomon on a quilt that my grandmother gave me. I love this quilt because it was made by a blind woman and the colors are outrageous.


Danni said...

That's doggy love for you....it just takes us over and you can't remember what the house was like before he/she came to be part of the family. What a nice post to your sweet pup. I loved the little end-note on the quilt from your grandmother. Solomon looks good on it! :-)

Marigold said...

He is awesomely cute (for a dog)...and besides he is black and white (like me). If only he liked Peanuts.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I have never like Chi's just for the reason you mentioned. Shaking, shivering fearful dogs are just not my thing. I must have critters that want to be out there doing stuff with my family, not being held 24/7 and afraid of their own shadow.

Solomon sounds like my kind of dog, too! HE's very cute and I love his colors. You know I have a thing for critters with black and white.
I enjoyed reading about how you ended up with him and what he means to you. I'm glad you got a really good chi dog and he fits right in with your family.

And I also love quilts. Especially quilts with stories behind them.


I'm just dropping in to hang at the
animal farm for a bit. As I wander
through the pictures I can almost smell the hay and hear the farm noises. I grew up on a farm in Minnesota til I was 5, so I think
somewhere in my blood a part of that still lingers. And my spirit loves the tranquility of being out in nature. Thanks for sharing your world with all of us . I love visiting.

Anonymous said...

Solomon is so handsome.
I thought the same thing when I adopted BoDog. How can you have a dog for 9 months and decide to give him away? I guess he just got bigger than they expected. We are the lucky ones now.
I agree with you on the quilt. It is beautiful. What a wonderful gift.