Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Let's Browse

Hubby has been wanting a drive to the mountains for a long time so when Mountain Lodge Farm bought our darling Northern Belle we offered to give her a ride to their farm.  Sunday was a beautiful day for a drive that was interrupted occasionally by the loud bleating of a baby who just left her momma. A big fat baby but a baby nonetheless.
To say Mountain Lodge Farm is beautiful is an understatement. For this goat farmer it was heaven on earth. Beautiful goats, beautiful barn, beautiful buildings. Again an understatement. 
One of their practices that is as old as time is their daily browse walks. This is what gives their cheeses the flavor of the land. I'd heard about the browse walks so was pretty pleased when standing in the goat pen Sherwin asked if we'd like to go on a walk. Of course. Out the back gate with two big guardian dogs and a whole bunch of goats we headed up the hill to browse. The leaf of choice seemed to be the crunchy maple leaves that are falling all over the place. The goats got right down to business and gobbled up the flora.
Standing on that hillside in the sun talking goats surrounded by goats and dogs...once again heaven on earth.
Sherwin gave us a tour of the farm that ended up in the cheese room where Cheesemaker Meghan is a master at making a delicious array of farmstead cheeses.We left with some Tipsoo, a creamy cheese made from a blend of goat and cow milk with a surprisingly cheesy taste. I loved it. We also tried Wonderland (I just love the name) which I also loved but gave a big slice to my foodie friend who said it was the best thing to pass through her lips....then started planning what wine to pair with it.

Northern Belle was settled in her stall and really seemed to be appreciating her new surroundings. I'd given her a talk as I drug her to the car. I told her she was going to a very nice place and would someday thank me for letting her go live at a big beautiful farm in the shadow of the mountain.

Speaking of the wasn't open. Government shutdown and all.