Friday, January 11, 2013

Wendy the Turtle

 Wendy the turtle has lived at the school for at least 20 years now. She has been the classroom pet for many a classroom. I have always had a fondness for Wendy because we happen to share the same name. The custodian, Wendy,  feels the same way. Wendy the turtle loves Wendy the custodian. She gives her cranberries.
Recently Wendy needed a new home so I brought her to my area and set her by my fish. The kids are in love with her. She can be seen by all the kids now and seen she is. A class will walk by and the teacher will lose half of them because they've stopped to see Wendy the turtle.

Known for her yoga poses, Wendy is a River Cooter I'm told. She is over 20 years old. She loves cranberries.


And she loves kids.

 She's a beautiful creature that has spent many years teaching children to value a life. Although she has put in over 20 years she's not ready to retire.

 There will always be children to teach.


Friday, January 4, 2013

Here We Go Again

After the sudden loss of our beautiful Stormy, we didn't know if we wanted another dog. After a few dogless walks I knew we wouldn't last long before we got another dog. My son feeling bad for his dad called Charlotte at Conway Kennels, the kennel that trained Stormy to be the awesome hunter she was, and asked her about available dogs or puppies. She did have a litter and she also had a couple of older pups. So with the knowledge that Conway had a 15 month old female pup that didn't quite make it in the field trial world we headed up to Camano Island to visit my dad and his wife and make a side trip to Conway to look at dogs.

Talk about a good and 3 generations dog shopping . That's the way to my heart for sure.

After a delicious lunch we drove over to see the dog(s). Before we saw her I had my heart on Kay the young female. Conway Kennel is a beautiful training and boarding facility on 80 acres in the heart of the Skagit Valley farmlands. Their specialty is hunting and field trial dogs.  They trained Stormy years ago and there was not a better trained personal hunting dog around. They also trained my dad's perfect dog, Sophie.
Well, needless to say, we brought that young dog home for a trial basis and it is safe to say she's not going back. She's got a big motor but since Keith is known to do some extreme hunting she will be able to keep up. She is smart and willing and just might motivate me to get back into the obedience ring.

So meet Minter Bay Special K. We call her K. I must have suggested a million times to  Keith that he could change her name but he likes it and it's his dog so it's growing on me. I've called her Stormy too many times.
She was bred at Conway and her sire is a field champion and her mother is out of a National Ch. so her pedigree says this dog hunts!
We are very excited to welcome her home to our family. Thanks Conway for this beautiful sweetie with a big motor.

We hope to make you proud.