Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Twelve Good Looking Chicks

My biddies are growing by leaps and bounds. I swear one day I was taken aback on how they had changed overnight. I had to do a double take. I am very pleased with my choice of hens. Ramona the Brave, the Red Star, remains my favorite. She and I have a bond. The Black Star, whom I call Black Star, is proving to be very friendly too. The Americaunas are quite a colorful bunch. Beautiful sable browns and golds with one a powdery gray color. They aren't as social as the other girls so I haven't really named them yet but that will come. The Wyandottes are now hard to tell apart. So my special chick is a Wyandotte, like fellow blogger DCV said, just with more white.
I can't wait to get them out of the brooder. Hubby too. He keeps asking when we can put them outside. You see he has flashbacks of a first grade class he was in that raised chicks but never cleaned the brooder and he said the smell was terrible. Every day he had to sit in that class and smell chicken smell. So he is a bit paranoid about chicken smell. I am here to tell you I clean out my brooder. But it is time. This weekend it is suppose to be nice so out into the coop they go, ready or not. No really, they are ready. All feathered out and no heat on them anymore.
Here are some pictures of the girls...
A few green legged gals and a Wyandotte
Ramona the Brave, the Red Star future egg laying machine
Powdery gray Americauna

Three's a crowd.......
No modeling hands available. Had to use my old farmer girl's hand.


Danni said...

Ha ha, on the modeling hands comment. :-) Your mini-hens are beautiful!! Isn't it weird how there's just no baby chick left in them? Well, except for the baby chick chirping and peeping that they still do....in these huge bodies. LOL. I am SO with you on the time-to-go-outside thing....and I've got problems over here...we're still not done with the coop and haven't even begun the run and we have a major deadline as we're heading out of town at the beginning of May for a week. :-( I can't leave my mom and step-dad with 12 chickens in the downstairs bedroom. Or in an outdoor coop with no run! My house is beginning to smell like a barn! (Not that this is a bad thing to me, mind you, but others just don't have the same delight around this that I do)... :-)
But, as I was saying before my freak out, your babies are BEAUTIFUL! They all look so familiar to me.. :-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ooooh! I love the photo of Ramona! Such a proud lady bird.

And I cannot wait to see what your silvery Ameracauna looks like when she is fully grown. I betcha she'll be a knock-out!

It already seems so long ago, but I do remember how surprised I'd be each time I went out in the garage to check on my chicks....it was as if someone had traded my baby chicks for bigger and more developed ones all the time!

Amazing how fast they change, isn't it?

goatgirl said...

farmgirl, I know what you mean about what to do with trips coming up. I just got the call that my Speckled sussex and Light Brahma chicks will be in on Monday. I ordered these along time ago thinking they would be here much sooner and grown and out of the brooder by the time we went to L.A. in May for graduation but they will only be about 4 weeks. I could leave them with the neighbor's chicks but lose the bonding time with them as chicks. And that is important to me. What to do, what to do. I don't want to leave my friend a brooder to take care of when I'm gone.
I wanted to tell you that I saw a description of the Polish chickens and it said with their puffy head they have limited vision and that makes them do some strange things (I'm sure this means staring at the walls). They are also low chick on the totem pole because of their vision and lack of confidence. So Dot is behaving normally, for a Polish chick.

twinville, Yes they do grow up fast and turn into beautiful birds. It is fun to see their colors come out. On Monday I will pick up my Speckled Sussex and Light Brahma chicks. I ordered 3 of each. That will give me 18 birds of all different colors.
I love your new sheep. I have finally met someone that has the same animal fetish as I. Soon you will be hearing your relatives mention the words animal hoarder. But never you mind. I believe this is my purpose, and yours too. To have these wonderful animals and share them with other people. I know for a fact that more than just I get enjoyment out of my critters. Everyone loves to come to my house.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thanks for saying all those wonderfully supportive things. I so appreciate them. Every time I bring another critter home, that same thought occurs to me, too.

But aren't hoarders usually those who hoard one type of animal? Like a house full of cats..or dogs?

Either way, I keep checking myself and making sure that I am capable of taking care of any animal I consider bringing home.

I could have and really wanted to buy a few more of these wonderful sheep, but my focus is not on sheep so I need to be realistic with myself.

But in thinking down the line, I might like to breed the churro and karakul to ensure their species, but where to find rams then?
Tough decisions.

And to meet my final critter goal, I want to raise a dairy goat to utilize the milk, but then I will end up with baby goats.

And I'd like raise more chickens to produce more eggs for sales....but then I'll need to borrow or buy a rooster...and what if I end up with more roosters and not enough hens...or eggs?

See where all this goes?

Farming and raising farm animals is just not as simple as raising dogs or cats is it?

One easy thing is my gelding goats and llama. Now that's simple.
No pressure there. Just pets that we can enjoy, train and have fun with.

And I'm like you I want to have folks come to our farm, or see our animals in a parade or on the trail and just be charmed with how friendly, unique and interesting our critters are.

I can't wait to see updates of your new chickens, especially the Speckled Sussex, my favorite chicken breed.

I almost got the Brahmas, but I would have had to give up another chicken breed and I like all of the hens we have (well maybe not the brown leghorns that much...white eggs are boring, and they will never be as tame as my other hens), but I can't wait to see more chicken pictures! Post, post!! hehe

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are coming along great! Cute little biddies they are:) Have a good weekend