Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Llama Lady

The time had come for Willow to be shorn and she badly needed her toenails trimmed. I knew I needed help since we really haven't gotten very far in the llama touching training. Yes, Willow is now pretty friendly with me....just don't touch her. This is fine with me if I can maintain her. While on Craigslist one day, I found a gal to come out and give it a go. I made sure and told her several times that Willow was not halter trained and was wild when caught. She assured me that Willow was exactly the kind of llama she is used to working with. We set a date and I proceeded to get to work training Willow to go into the woodshed, the chosen shearing spot. I stressed so much about getting her in there the day that Marielle was coming. But Willow went in easily and when I closed her in she just looked casually at me and continued to munch her hay. I am ashamed to admit how much I worried about that one little step. I got myself a lawn chair, napped in the sun, and waited for the llama lady's arrival.
I was wondering to myself how 2 middle aged women were going to rid Willow of her hair and wrestle her feet for a trim. After his trip around a field on the end of a lead rope, Hubby wondered too. He kept telling me not to get hurt. Once again I worried about this way too much. The llama lady arrived but instead of the middle aged llama lady I had expected she was a darling young 21 year old llama lady....and her strong charming brother. They had Willow haltered in no time and out of her small bag of tricks Marielle whipped out her hand shears and proceeded to rid Willow of her gorgeous fiber while giving me a lesson on llamas. Wow what colors...and soft...oh man. It even smelled good.
The brother gently held Willow and was the "you missed a spot" guy. What a team! So with fiber all off once again she dove into her bag of tricks and before Willow knew it she had her feet trimmed, was wormed, and vaccinated. I don't need to be able to handle my llama, I have them. This is Marielle's website in case you are in need of a good llama person.Queen Anne's Lace
She also told me Willow's little secret that was more obvious when her fiber was gone. Willow is pregnant and quite far along. I think Marielle was much more excited than I was. She said I can do this. She said it was easy. I'm going to spend too much time worrying about this too. I can just tell.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

"I am coming to your farm!"

Today was a very exciting day in kindergarten. I don't know who was more excited the kids or the adults. Every kid in kindergarten ran up to me with a huge smile and let me know they were very excited to come to my farm. Oh to feel the unbridled joy of a 6 year old and then show it. Buttons was the farm ambassador and Willow looked on from a distance.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Kinders Are Coming

It's that time of year again. Farm Unit in kindergarten that is topped off with a trip to my farm. I've been busy getting it ready for company. The barn is finally painted which is a great relief since I hate to paint. The grass is mowed and I am trying to keep the poo at bay so 60 shoes don't step in it. I am excited to share my little farm with all those children that I have gotten to know and care for this year. Every year brings a new batch! Just like goat kids.