Monday, December 15, 2008

Remotely Farming

It's time to spill the beans. I am a carrier of secrets. I am living a lie. Yes, I am lying to my friends. First off my closest friends don't know I write a blog. You know Barb? The one that feeds my animals while I'm away. My BFF. Here's a picture of her and a couple of her many animals.
Doesn't know a thing about this blog.

My friend Cathy, the dog trainer extraordinaire and a good BF, doesn't have a clue that I write and rant. I tell these two women almost everything but not about my blog. At first I was embarrassed to let anyone I know read what I wrote. Now a year later it seems weird somehow to say "Hey I write a blog and by the way sometimes you're in it." I am worried about offending saying my mom looks like my horse. Now that could be taken wrong. And with my sense of humor it can and does happen. But now I feel like I have to tell them. And it's all Danni's fault. She mentioned a party. A party of funny people. It grew from there and if I'm having a party I have to invite my BFFs. What am I going to say? "Hey Barb, I met all these people on the internet"
Especially if you show up and you're all 45 year old men. Not that there is anything wrong with 45 year old men...if that is what you are expecting.

My other secret involves you. I have not told you that I farm remotely. My farm is not at my house. It is down the street. When Hubby and I went looking for a farm we happened upon this cabin on the water. It is like "On Golden Pond" so I put off my farm for the time being. But not for long. I needed some acreage to call my own so we bought some property down the street to keep my horses on. I knew it was do-able because a few of my neighbors do the same thing. It is the best of both worlds but does have a few drawbacks. I have to walk a little ways down the street to take care of my farm. But that can be a good thing. I get a lot of walking in and so do my dogs. They love to walk to the farm and back. The farm is fully fenced so to them it is like one big dog park.
I do worry a bit about my animals but have good fences, good neighbors and two guard llamas. Knock on wood in the almost twenty years I've been doing this nothing bad has happened.
Why an I telling you this? Because I don't want you to get to the party at the farm and say, "Where's your house?" Or get to my house and say,"Where's your farm?"
Now I just need to talk to Barb and Cathy....but not before I read ALL my post to make sure I didn't say anything that might offend them.
I'm pretty good at that.

Now my ranting about a proper farm makes sense doesn't it?


Tracey said...

OK, what I want to know is if any of these 45 year old men are SINGLE??? LOL

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Hey Wendy, I turned out to be what I was supposed to be, and I'm sure others will to! Just tell your bff's that you were 'working out the kinks' on the blog thing, and now that you've got it down and made more friends who've encouraged you, that you feel comfortable about sharing your secret! And, I think a farm down the road a bit is better than no farm at all! Some people have to travel to another county to get to their farms, so you are lucky!

Hope you are staying warm, it's freezing a** cold here!!

Danni said...

I've got tears rolling down my face my right now...not because I'm terribly sad - I swear - but because you definitely are getting funnier! :-)
So, please, just for a moment, imagine having me come and stay with you for a week and having to tell your close friends and family:
"Yes, I met her on the Internet. No, I've not met her in person yet, but I'm sure she's very nice and is who she says she is. Really! Oh, and yes, it will be *completely fine* for her to come and stay at my house for a week. No, I'm not nervous!" And now you're privvy to the conversations I had to have with my various family members prior to Marcee gettin' here that first time back in September. :-)

Oh, and by the way? My name is really...Dan. But I'm not single. (Sorry Tracey)

BTW - I already knew that your critters were kept down the road from you. Are you sure you didn't post about this already? This wasn't a surprise to me at all. It is what it is. And your place(s) are BEAUTIFUL. This is the last thing you should worry about with all your (extremely) funny new (Internet) friends. :-D

Esther Garvi said...

Wendy, that was hilarious! Don't feel bad about letting your friends know about your blog, most people have blogs these days. I did write differently when I was Ishtar of Ishtar News, but I like it better being myself. You'd be surprised at how people around you enjoy the Internet's reaction to your life. After all, it's exclusive to us!

Lots of warmness from a sunny Niger,

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I'm not a phone person. I know everybody and is single brother likes to yak on the phone but I'm not one of them. Now I email my blog link around and they can read and see what we're up to.

I wish they had blogs and I could keep up with them that way.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What kind of party am I coming to?
And I could really be GaFarmMan Paul?
How does that explain FarmMan in all my pictures?
Jack could really be Jill?
Annie could be Andy?
Well, anyway. What kind of food is at this party? lol...
oh,and FarmMan,believe it or not, he has never read my blog!
He just thinks I like taking pictures of him. lol...just kidding...maybe.
Have a great day.
Pam ,really I'm Pam

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Wendy, I'm sure you've mentioned that your farm is down the road before. I know I read it somewhere before. Either way, it doesn't matter because you've got critters...and that's awesome! And you're funny....and you know what you always say, "I like funny!"

Sounds like you might want to 'come out of the closet' one day soon with your friends, though. lol!

Oh, and my name's not really Lisa....It's Vader Mama! (see my "V" post)

And you might consider sending your real-life friends to my blog and let them see that post before having any kind of blogger party. I'm sure they will have a lot of faith in internet friends after that eye opening encounter. lol!

~Vader Mama
New Mexico

frugalmom said...

First off, let me just begin by saying that I love it when Danni gets in trouble. Like how this whole party thing was her idea....

Secondly...Im glad that you shared that your farm was not right next to your house. I would have shown up and been like...where the heck are all the animals? Does she even really have animals? Maybe she just takes pictures of animals that are around and has names for all of them in her head....maybe she just talks to them in her head....Ive been known to do that ya know.

But then it all would have been fine, really. Because if a whole bunch of 45 year old men started showing up at your place....who the heck would need animals.

But just for the record. That whole meeting people from other has the potential for greatness. Im just sayin.

Michelle said...

I stumbled on your blog a while back and have been lurking and reading since then. But I had to pop in and say I get ya! I never told my family that I blogged until just recently...and now am trying to get into the groove of a blog that the family can read. :)

Anonymous said...

and I don't really have a rabbit and my husband doesn't really wear shorts in the winter! just kidding! both are true but the shorts have been abandoned (finally) in this record setting cold! Yuck!

farm property down the road is still a farm...isn't it?

I live in the big city and don't know the difference??

goatgirl said...

Tracey...well we shall see, won't we. You never know.

Clare, It is freezing here too as I'm sure you have heard. I am spending my extra 2 hours in the morning (late start) breaking ice in the water buckets. And yes you did turn out to be what you were suppose to be but you had a good reference...Sweetie Pie.

farmgirl, I knew it and Hubby was right. You should have saw his face when I said I had an internet friend named Danny(i)
I must have forgotten that I mentioned that my farm was down the street. Hmmmm Am I that old?
Maybe I'm an 80 year old man...not that there's anything wrong with that!

Esther, Sunny! Oh I am so jealous when I read your blog and you are wearing sandals. Thanks for the encouragement about telling my friends about the blog...although my friends and I are semi oldish and most don't have blogs. In fact they may not even know what a blog is. I had to ask someone a little over a year ago what a blog was:)

Joanna, I'm not a phone person either so I wish more of my friends had blogs so I could keep up with them. My son is in Colorado and although he says he doesn't read my blog his girlfriend does and tells him about what's going on at home. He says he likes the pictures.

ga.farmwoman, I'm not sure what kind of party you are coming too...let's ask Danni since she's in charge.
My Hubby only reads my blog once in a while. He enjoys it but it's not a huge priority for him and besides he lives it he doesn't need to read about it.

Yeah but Lisa are you coming to the blogger party? I can see you partying with a llama.

frugalmom, Can you vouch that Danni is a she?
Funny you should mention that I made up my blog. When I went to buy Sunny the little horse I told the owner to check out my blog. She loved it and said she wanted Sunny to live there...unless my blog was just a lie. My friend assured her it wasn't a lie.
And yes a party for bloggers has the potential for lots of with a llama will be the theme.

Well my goodness Mich I am glad you popped in and introduced yourself. And you "get" me! I like to write with no filter but sometimes that is hard if people you know are reading.
Welcome and come back again.

Yes Mindy a farm down the road is still a farm but to me a "proper" farm is one that I can walk out my back door and through the pastures and into my large barn complete with hay loft etc. etc. etc.
And my son is freezing his a-- off.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! Sure, I'll come to the party. Can I still wear the Vader helmet??

Cataleya, my female llama loves parties. She'll want to know if there will be llama treats and cookies available?

Oh and I meant to say that, though my barn and animals are located on our property, sometimes it feels like they are down the road a ways after I have to hike up the fairly steep hill through boot-sucking mud and snow blowing into my eyeballs.
But I'm not complaining...... lol!

New Mexico

Anonymous said... least your soon can still feel his bum! I think mine has fallen off...which may NOT be such a bad thing!

My m-i-l used to live in Johnstown. A small farming community east of I-25, north of Denver. She had chickens, 2 horses, and a barn and from your pics, you have more of a farm than she did. But I "get" what you're talking about...I think that is where my husband would like to live but I am moving to AZ. Tell your son this weather IS record breaking for a isn't usually like this! Really! ; )

Marigold said...

Ah, ha! A 'goat'writer. Really, 'incogoatnito'. Your secrets are safe with me. I will NOT tell Ella.

Anonymous said...

ROFL...I can't believe that you have told your family and friends about you blog!!! Mine know about my blog, they just don't read it, they say the name is to hard to remember, what????

I would love, love, LOVE, to have a remote farm to put my camel on. He and I could seriously use a break from each other once and a while, lol!

Have fun at your party! Kim