Thursday, December 18, 2008

Look Up

We are right smack dab in the middle a winter wonderland. Snow has fallen all day and it has made for some interesting predicaments for some people. Not me. It means 3 snow days in a row...and now Christmas break. I have remained at home caring for the animals and knitting by the fire. Poor Hubby has been out on the roads helping people out of the predicaments since he works for the county and can run a snowplow and sander. All I can do is keep the home fires burning and make sure he has a warm meal when he gets in. I made cinnamon rolls, how's that for a treat! Now I would take pictures of all this snow but my camera is at Canon getting fixed. It has been a problem since I got it. I can get some amazing shots but for every one of those I get a bazillion that are out of focus. Me being the self-doubter that I am kept thinking I was doing something wrong so I put off taking it back. Just when I would be all prepared to take it back I would get a gorgeous shot like this....

Or this......

And think, once again, it was me doing something wrong.

After taking my camera to Thanksgiving and letting my son and his lovely girlfriend look at it, because they know a whole lot more about cameras than I do, I decided to take it back. They told me it was the camera for sure. So I took it back to the store only to be told that I was 10 days too late. If I'd have come back 10 days ago they'd have given me my money back. The manager said, "Why in the world would you think it was your fault?" "Most people think it is the camera."
Well I'm not like most people and tend to think everything is my fault....or nothing is my fault...depending on who you talk too.
The next day I called Canon and a very nice gal troubleshooted with me and determined that is was indeed the camera and to send it back pronto so they could get it back for Christmas. She said she would email me a shipping label and a return invoice. So I waited and nothing came. I called again and this time I got rude dude on the phone that sharply told me that they never give out shipping labels, it was against their policy but could I I held...he came back on the line and said begrudgingly that he would send me one but once again it was against their policy. At least rude dude sent one and off to the repair shop my camera went. I hope I get it back before Christmas, but I didn't get it back in time to take pictures of Sunny in the snow. He is such a little fuzz bucket right now and I would love to have taken a picture of him today as the snow fell.

So I leave you with a few shots of warmer days and a reminder to not forget to look up.
Help! I'm lost without my camera.

This just in; Camera is on the way...yay


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh yes, I feel for ya, my friend! Ever since my very special camera was stolen in October, and I was stuck using this old borrowed annoying thing-that-is-supposed-to-be-a-camera.....I've felt lost, sad, frustrated, annoyed, exasperated, disgusted...the entire gamut of emotions. Well, except for happy, that is :P

I'm willing to sit on Santa's lap this year and even give him a 'gift', if he suprises me with a new camera (with lots of zoom and all the good stuff!).

And I sure hope that your camera comes back in perfect condition ready to take adorable photos of all your cute critters.

And (sorry goat girl's hubby), but I hope you get a little snow after your camera returns, just so you can take those cute photos of your beautifully furry Sunny romping in the white stuff :)

Happy Holidays,

Holly said...

what model is it again?

I have been lucky with my XTI I think. I have used it hard, with no problems, but I have heard that Canon can have some problems.

Heart of a Cowgirl said...

What beautiful animals! Great pics of them. I have lots of pics of our animals on my blog, too. Glad I found your blog!

Anonymous said...

Even if I didn't get to see the snow pictures, these are all great shots.
I have a lot of out of focus pictures, but I am pretty sure mine are my fault. I wiggle around too much.
I hope you get the camera back in time for Christmas shots.
Have a great day.

goatgirl said...

Holly my camera is a Canon S5IS and I do love it...when it focused.

Danni said... CAMERA???
Why didn't you say something sooner?!! I totally would have popped one of those silly little disposables into the mail for you...not the immediate gratification one gets with digital, but at least you could have snapped a few snowy Sunny shots (ooooh, nice alliteration). Anyway...glad things are working out and your camera is on its way back. Let's hope weather doesn't impact its return delivery to you.
Are you all in line for the same "additional snow of 6 to 10 inches" between Sat and Sun?
Rude dude...ah ha ha ha. I've run into some of those!!

Danni said...

p.s. LOVE that top photo...sooo cute.

Gone2theDawgs said...

Can you believe this snow!!! I finally said heck with it and didn't go to work today. For some reason digging myself out at 4am didn't sound appealing!! I'm glad your getting your camera back soon, can't wait to see some new pics...even though those were great!

Marigold said...

Can you make Peanut rolls? I need some to keep up my strength while I'm stuck out here in the barn with Ella.

Country Girl said...

Nice pics of the warmer dars. I'd be freakin without my camera.

frugalmom said... camera. I know this. I so know this bad, bad feeling. I, too got a camera and began having problems with it after my visit to my Oregonian BFF back in Sept.(I wont mention any names) I tried to return it and those mean, mean people refused this, off to the Casio place it went.

Im glad your camera is on its way back to you. Just take like 4 times as many pictures once you get it back to make up for all the ones you missed.

goatgirl said...

Today I went out through the snowy streets and bought myself a disposable camera. I hurried back and got a few shots in before the sky clouded over...and Sunny trotted back into his stall. Stay tuned. I did get an interesting shot of the pigs.

goatgirl said...

Oh yeah farmgirl we are suppose to get more snow. The news called it "biblical" Wow what does that mean? My son is flying in right when it's suppose to hit. I am a worryin'

goatgirl said...

Welcome Heart of a Cowgirl...I love that name!

Danni said...

Woo-hoo!! Disposable camera!!
Woo-HOO!!!!!! Son coming HOME!! He'll be there before you know it!
No worryin' now, you hear? I'm just sayin'...

Danni said...

Biblical, huh? What *does* that mean? What's the snow equivalent of an ark, anyway? :-)