Friday, December 12, 2008

Like Mother, Like Horse

My mom came out the other day to visit her goatgirl's farm. She had never met Sunny and wanted to get a look at the little horse that she had read about on my blog. Mom is my greatest fan. She laughs in all the right places and she "gets me"
I wanted to get some pictures of her and Sunny and couldn't get over how much they looked alike.
Sunny looks more like my mom than I do. They being both blond and petite.

My brother and his girlfriend came too and visited all the animals. They don't read my blog because I'm sure they have more important things to do. Hmmmmm. My brother even said, "Don't you put a picture of me on the internet."

HA...since he doesn't read it he'll never know.

Neither will Kym. They are too important to read my blog but Kym's mother does.
Goatbrother did dub mom "llama mama" for her blog name. Doesn't fit her one bit. I think it was a dig at me.
My brother is sarcastic and wickedly funny. No one is safe from his humor and I laugh constantly when he's around. And if you are a regular reader of my blog you know....I like funny.

Koo must like funny too because he followed goatbrother everywhere.


Danni said...

Now, does goatbrother KNOW that you're calling him "goatbrother"?
Also, could we have a picture of him from the front? He looks really cute. :-)
Your mother is absolutely gorgeous - she looks like she's having a ball. (Is that a white sweater on under her coat?) I love that she gets you. Moms should, you know. But not all do. It sounds like you guys had a great day - especially with all the laughing. Sometimes there's nothing healthier than a really good laugh.
If you ask me, I think you should throw a really big party and invite all the funny people in your life. Of course, I'm including myself in this list. I'm fairly funny.
I'm just sayin'.

Holly said...

awwww! What a great family!

goatgirl said...

Farmgirl, goatbrother doesn't know I'm calling him that. He would have something very sarcastic to say. Yes that is a white sweater under MY goatcoat because Mom wore a very inappropriate but very fashionable wool coat to the farm. If you look closely you will see her black suede shoes soaking up the dew and manure in the pasture. I said,"Mom, I told you to wear something old." She said, "These are my old clothes."
And about the party...maybe I will. I was kind of thinking about having a party at the farm this summer. I'll let you know.
And I posted another picture of my very cute brother.

Thanks Holly.

frugalmom said...

Theres the borrowed coat. And, I too, saw the the white sweater. Just in case she needed to show a goat while she was there....

Did someone say party? I am so coming to the funny party. I totally just invited myself. Thats okay, right?

goatgirl said...

Right frugalmom...since you are the goddess of spontaneity.

frugalmom said... does that mean I get to come....or not? :)

goatgirl said...

I said right....of course you get to come. You just want to party with a llama, don't you?

frugalmom said...

YAYYYYYYYY!!!!! I get to come. I get to come!!!

Party with a with a llama!

Chanda said...

Awwww do you really think your mom looks like sunny???? They are both beautiful in there own right. maybe there just both blonde and beautiful, thats why you think they look alike. You're too funny.

goatgirl said...

Shanda, not really but I was teasing Mom about how good she looked with Sunny because they are both petite and blond. My mom is very petite so you can see how small Sunny really is.

Gone2theDawgs said...

I love the nickname goatbrother for your bro.....especially since he came up with llama mama for your Mom! :) Those were some great pics of her with Sunny!

Funny people party? I wanna come!! :)

goatgirl said...

OK're in!

Anonymous said...

Well now..I like a party too!.
How cold is it up that way?? If it gets below 70 I have to really really wrap up. What about snow?? I haven't seen snow in about 5 years. It was only 1/4 inch thick then and shut down all this part of Ga. lol..

I love your pictures of goatbrother and Llama Mama. (and all the critters)
hmmm..I just have to think which of my relatives favor Jack??

Have a great day. I'll be waiting for the invite. I could bring some biddies along!!

Danni said...

Yup, he's really cute. :-) It was nice of your mom to share her 'beautiful' genes with both of you.
Wow, looks like your party guest list is really shaping up. Hope you're set up for overnighters. lol

goatgirl said...

gafarmwoman, you're in too. And yes bring some Southern biddies. Light Brahmas please.

Well now Danni, it would be hard for my mom to give goatbrother her genes because in case you hadn't noticed he's adopted. My parents used to take in foster children and we got him when he was 4 days old...well we all fell in love and had to fight hard to adopt him because in those days they weren't as open to biracial adoptions. But we did it. I can't imagine now not having him. I think my mom would have run with him to Canada if they would have said no. His girlfriend was adopted from Korea when she was a baby too.

Danni said...

*ooops*. giggle. sorry. must be the angle of the shots or something, because i totally didn't catch that. :-)
Love the story of how he came into your family.

goatgirl said...

That's ok...goatbrother would have a sarcastic funny comment for you but as you read he doesn't read my blog.
And yes it now appears that I will have to have a party....see what you started. And no I don't have much room for overnighters...remember I live in a cozy cabin on the water. But we will have to work that out later.

goatgirl said... do you feel about camping?
frugalmom, Camping with a llama...camping with a llama! Doesn't sound quite as good as party with a llama does it?
I'm just sayin'

frugalmom said...

Ha! Danni is good at causing trouble.... See what you started, Danni?

Next thing you know shes gonna be saying damn again, too. Im just sayin.