Sunday, December 21, 2008

Too Much of A Good Thing...Or Count Your Blessings

Today has been interesting to say the least. I pictured that today my son and I would be catching up, doing a little Christmas shopping, baking cookies and playing with the dogs in the snow. Instead I have been here by myself while Hubby is out snow-plowing and my son is still in Boulder. He had rescheduled his flight for tonight but that too has been canceled. It has snowed all day. Hubby and I were laughing last night about be careful what you wish - a snow day from school, him - a little overtime. Well I got my snow days that keep on going and he got some overtime that keeps on going.
Last night with reports of high winds along with the snow I decided to move some animals around. I put some of the goats in Sunny's stall because I felt that it was more comfortable for them. The old goat Moly was cold so he went into the chicken house on a bed of is amazing how much heat chickens can generate and they are used to him because he is always sneaking in there to steal their food. I put the llamas in with the Cora Belle and Filbert. And I took Sunny home to hole up in the woodshed to wait out the "storm of the century". He has been in the woodshed a time or two before. Built around 20 years ago as a horse stall it has since been used as a shed for our wood. The floor is stall mats and it has a fresh layer of sawdust. I set him up with his hay, a bucket of water and put on his blanket.
This morning when the predicted winds never came but the snow did I decided to take him back to the farm to get some exercise. It was slow going for a 31 inch horse. We had to walk in the ruts made by the car tires but we made it to the farm. I fed everyone, cleaned stalls, shoveled snow away from the stall openings, made sure everyone had water and came home. I spent the day doing this and that and then decided since it was STILL snowing I would bring Sunny home again to spend another night in the woodshed. By this time the snow is about 14 inches but it is easy going if you walk down the middle of the road staying in the ruts. We get home and I walk up to the woodshed and...what the heck...the roof is in a state of collapse. A big beam is crashed in where just hours before stood Sunny. I was so grateful my little horse wasn't in there. So back down the road we went but this time it is getting harder, snow laden branches are crashing around us. Sunny is a bit spooky. A truck flies by us going way too fast, coming inches from Sunny's behind. And I'll admit it. I flipped him the big purple bird. My gloves are purple. I have had enough. I am sure it was my exneighbor coming back from dropping his kids off at his exwife's...they probably had words and he was taking it out on the road. I don't know, it kind of felt good. I hadn't done that in years but don't mess with a woman who's Christmas is going down the drain.
After getting all the goats to cooperate and go back into the other stall I put Sunny in his original stall and came back home. The phone is ringing. It's Hubby and he just went off an embankment in a snowplow. Luckily he wasn't hurt and he didn't hit anyone else, although he took a heck of a ride that included a few spins . He had been up and down that hill a least four times yesterday but today is a new day.
He was teasing me and said, "It looks like it will be you, me, and Solomon for wait a minute...It looks like it will be you and Solomon."

And because my camera is on it's way but not here yet I will post a picture of the goats giving the shavings "the business" they love to give the shavings "the business".

And Filbert and Cora Belle out for a walk on a warmer day.

I will never wish for a snow day again.


Holly said...

"roof is in a state of collapse"

*sucks in breath*

Oh my! That could have been a ruined Christmas for sure!

And your hubby over an embankment?! Heavens! I am glad he's ok!

It's cold here with a biting, whipping wind but the horses seem to be snug in their stalls, the dogs got their biznezz done VERY quickly and we are all headed to bed shortly!

MaskedMan said...

Rough day.
You seem to be coping, though. Hang tough, and bundle up when you go out - You'll be out several more times today, checking on the animals, I'm sure.

Don't forget to spare yourself a few minutes to make that snowman, though. Right about now, a bit of whimsey sounds like a salutory thing.

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Oh, Wendy, hang in there and a big hug to you. Hope Hubby makes it home ok, safe and sound...and no more spin outs. I hear the roads are crazy there.

If the weather keeps up the same, I'll be home alone for the holiday too. Maybe a group of us should do a conference call or something!!(Trying to inject a bit of humor.)

Stay safe and warm, and good thing you followed your hunch on moving Sunny. Over here with lots of snow, I'm always clearing off my shed roof. Once year I didn't and now I have a bent metal beam in there...sigh... snow is heavy, so be on the look out for problem spots.

Despite everything, remember the longest day of the year is behind us now, and we can look forward... even if it's through a blizzard and snow.

Anonymous said...

Was thinking of you this morning as your airport made the news here...closed!

I'm glad the purple bird took flight! What a jerk!

With all those branches falling, watch out for downed lines!

Off to the hospital!

We're getting more snow tomorrow so hopefully he'll catch a flight today!

PS Would he REALLY sing xmas songs with you?

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

Goodness, what a string of events.

Not too long ago, was out of character for me, I fussed at a kid who about hit me with his car in the bank parking lot, and he had the nerve to use some cuss words towards me. I parked my car, he parked his, and I stomped over to him and relieved a lot of my stress on him. He followed me in the bank and kept apologizing, saying he spilled his drink on himself when he slammed on the brakes, and was frustrated. I finally forgave him but told him not to be talking to people like that! He said he would be nice to people from now on. :-) I was so proud of myself for not shrinking but went ftf with him.

Marigold said...

I blame this on Baby Belle. If she hadn't written so much about the snow, it wouldn't have heard her and taken it as the big purple bird. :)

Barbee' said...

What a time! Too many close calls! We have had some times that were so bad and challenging, that finally we started laughing about it and came out of it all feeling stronger. Good luck to you!

Gone2theDawgs said...

It has been more than any of us could have wished for!! I don't think we knew we could get all this here on the "warm side".

I hear that the flights are starting up again so hopefully your son will still be able to make it in for Christmas.

I also save the "bird" for special occasions....but when it's required it is satisfying. :)

Hopefully all goes well from here on out!

Anonymous said... said shopping not singing! Hope he is there. I have relatives that finally made it from here to VT. I know, not quite the same area!

MaskedMan said...

Good Lord.

The spammers have struck again. This time, from France.

Heidi said...

LOL The purple people flicker!!! LOL I'm sorry but, I just can see that happen - especially when your tired, cold and upset!! Glad Sonny boy wansnt there!

I need orange said...

Wow -- so glad hub is ok, and so glad Sunny wasn't in the woodshed when the roof came down!

Also glad jerk did not hit you and Sunny!

goatgirl said...

Thanks to all that commented. My boy is home for Christmas. He got in late last night. I feel much better...Thank you.

goatgirl said...

Oh and Marigold, I knew it had to be someone's fault.
I do feel bad about the purple bird though...totally out of character;)

Danni said...

Yay! Your boy is home! I was just coming here to ask because I didn't read anything about your son arriving home in your latest post.

Glad everyone's together again! Did Goldilocks come, too?

goatgirl said...

No farmgirl, Goldilocks is with her family. We miss her. My son's heart is with her....I can tell:)
Merry Christmas.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Jeez! So sorry your Christmas wasn't going as planned. Ad you were just trying to ake go care of your critters, too. Bummer!
I'm glad your hubby is alright and that your dear son made it to you safe, too.

If it makes you feel any better that you're not alone in having a 'purple bird' holiday, I;ll let you in on my little Christmas bummer.

I fell off my horse on Christmas Eve, got tangled in the horse went one way, I went the other and now my knee is terribly messed up and I can't even walk. I spent Christmas day in the ER, only saw my kids open their pressies from my loft/master bedroom and I didn't even get any presents from husband...not even a camera. Too sad.

I'm on strict leg rest for many weeks now. Who knows when I'll be able to ride my horse again, or even walk up to the barn to care for my critters.

I do believe this musthave been my worst Christmas ever....

Hang in there. Hugs!
New Mexico
(Where life's better with Perocet)

goatgirl said...

OH Lisa, I am so sorry. I don't know what to say. That is really bad.
I guess the only good thing about that whole situation is that now you have time to knit all those scarves and hats. Sorry not much consolation is it?
I have decided that I am now going to start celebrating Christmas in July.
Hang in There.

Barbara said...

Wow, The animals are great. We raise goats so I love your pictures and stories. We also have 6 dogs and 5 cats and 2 bettas.
Our number of goats range from 30 to 90 depending on time of year, but we need to down size. Now we have 40 with 19 babies born within the last 2 months. I live in central Texas so we don't have the cold you have. I love your blog. Thanks for letting me share your animals.