Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Night The Animals Talk

It is Christmas Eve. The night the animals talk. When I was a girl there was a show on T.V. called The Night The Animals Talk. It left quite an impression. Does anyone but me remember it? Ever since I saw it I made sure all stalls were cleaned and the animals had plenty of hay and water. Just in case. I didn't want them to talk about the measly dinner and the poo in their stalls. I wanted them to talk about important how much they loved me, their owner.
But this year I almost forgot. It is miserable here for the animals right now. Sure they have a dry place to lay their bodies down but they can't get out their stalls very far. I have lots of miniature animals and the snow is over a foot deep. The goats take two steps out and cry pitifully and take two steps back in.

The chickens won't even take the two steps.

The llamas are staying right on the path I wore down going from stall to stall. And the pigs are just confused.

Sunny on the other hand just dives right in, sinking up to his belly. You see he has a new girlfriend. She is a pretty little filly brought back from the racetrack for the winter. She is in the neighbor's pasture right on the other side of his fence. I thought he wasn't interested in other horses but they weren't the right horses. I mean who would be interested in Large Marge when you could have Tipperary Dream?

Anyway back to the night the animals talk...that's tonight so I went down to feed in the dark and everything was quiet...not to worry I think it doesn't start until midnight. I was pleased to find all the goats breaking bread in the big stall. No one was being left out. For once they were all getting along.
The llamas were laying side by side in their stall. The neighbor's chickens were tucked safely in with my chickens. No pecking order going on.
And Sunny nickered as I walked up. So all this snow has been good for one thing. It has forced all to get along.
As I filled the hay racks and checked the water I wondered what they would talk about when I left.

I hope it's how much they love each other...and how much they love me.


Danni said...

I have absolute *no* doubt, Wendy, that this is what they talk about - loving you, that is. You are a wonderful animal mama. Are you going to sneak back down to the barn in 2 1/2 hours to see if you can hear anything? :-)

Heidi said...

Of course they talk about how much you are loved!! I LOVE ya and your comment about my lover's singing really touched me. I am glad that it helped you to feel better. I hope your family is ALL together!!


MaskedMan said...

Merry Christmas!

I do vaguely recall that movie. I haven't seen it in what must be nearly four decades. Whatever the form of inspiration, you've done well, last night, and for the year.

Marigold said...

Merry Christmas! Hope your stocking is full of Peanuts!

Joanna@BooneDocksWilcox said...

I'll look up that movie, sounds like one I would enjoy too. Thx

Gone2theDawgs said...

I remember it...and believe it! :) 'course I believe they talk 24/7. You can just bet they talk about how much they love you!! Hope you have a nice warm Christmas! (ok snow you can go away now...we've had enough!)

Country Girl said...

I'm sure they are talking all good about you! Merry Christmas!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm sure that's all your critters talk about my friend. Oh that and maybe when is their next treat or feeding time. hehe :)

Funny Sunny has a hot new girlfriend. lol!
I had meant to go up and muck the stalls and prepare a special warm bran mash for my critters, but after the accident I wasn't able to even walk, so now I'm so down in the dumps, not knowing when I'll ever be able to walk up to my barn or ride my horse, or even muck the stalls. So sad....

My critters probably hate me...

I hope you enjoyed a very merry Christmas, Wendy. Happy New Year, too.

New Mexico
(where Percocet is my friend)

Tracey said...

I bet they were counting their blessings to be loved by you :)

MaskedMan said...

@Lisa; Animals are almost infinately forgiving. Get well (don't push it or you risk undoing the good healing), and make amends when you're capable.