Saturday, December 6, 2008


I don't have anything to write about. My mind is blank. Oh I did the usual things today around the farm; Fed animals, gathered eggs, cleaned stalls, we even did the pig flip to trim hooves which I might add we are getting darn good at. First Hubby sweet talks his girls, then he asks them to come over so he can flip them, when that doesn't work he chases them around the pen and grabs their front legs and flips them in his lap. Sweet talking them the whole time while they scream bloody murder in his ear. I trim their hooves and then he rolls them on their feet. This all takes about 5 minutes each. We spend more time thinking about it, talking about it and gearing up for it than it actually takes to do it. We cut up wood for kindling and repaired some fences. Tomorrow I will do a general clean-up of the place. We have visitors coming to see the animals. My mom is coming over to meet Sunny for the first time and she is bringing my brother and his wife. I like to have the stalls all cleaned and everything all picked up when we have visitors. It makes the experience much more fun when things don't smell like poo. Or you're not stepping in poo. Or looking at poo. Gosh I hope my mom doesn't wear white.
Tuesday the vet is coming out to float Sunny's teeth. He is having a hard time eating because of the sharp points on his teeth and it is getting worse by the day. I am curious to see how the vet gets down to see into Sunny's mouth. I have a small stool ready to offer him. It is the stool that I sit on to groom this tiny steed. I found early on that if I didn't sit on the stool I spent a lot of time grooming his back, ignoring his sides and legs because they were hard to see. I will also take the opportunity while he is sedated to clean out his sheath. If you don't know what that is all I can say don't want to know. One thing about having animals is you never know what you might see when you go out to see them. Take for instance, Cora Belle's tail. The other day I let all critters out into the main pasture. Goats, llamas, horse, pigs, chickens...did I leave anyone out?....and went back out later and Cora Belle's tail had been cut off...the hair that is. There was even a few spots of blood on her skin. Now who would do that? It was cleanly cut like someone took a pair of scissors to it but left a few hairs on the left side. Strange. Maybe some strange cult looking for the hair of a goat's tail and happened to walk by and see the lovely Cora Belle. Who knows?
I told you it would be randomness.


Danni said...

I *love* randomness. Somehow yours always makes complete and perfect sense to me.
I think you had promised to get the whole pig abuse thing, I mean, hoof trimming event, on video the next time! Certainly sounds, though, like you guys are getting more efficient at it(and less freaked out by it). :-)
"Gosh I hope my mom doesn't wear white"...Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Oh dear...sheath cleaning. Never done it, never seen it, but have definitely heard about it. Good luck.
Poor little lamb, Cora Belle, did you give her first aid and a cuddle?

MaskedMan said...

Farms smell of poo. It's an inescapable fact of life. There is poo everywhere, even where you'd think there shouldn't be any. The best you can do is keep the poo tsunami at bay; but it's always there, lurking, ready to overwhelm you and sweep you away...

Well, now. THATS a lovely image, ain't it? But it's also one of the Bad Facts.

Randomness is good - you give a good idea of your day, without too many of the gory details. The work never ends, does it?

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Great random post, Wendy! You had a busy day!

Sheath cleaning... I googled it. =;) Oye, I did not realize the need before. Good luck!

Gone2theDawgs said...

Randomness is how I live my personal life :) I especially love the randomness of being out with your animals and the ADD takes over...oh look at that! Hey look over there....what starts out as a 1/2 hour to just throw out some feed turns into two hours of gawking. :)

Sheath cleaning....something I ALWAYS paid my Vet to do and felt it was well worth the money! :)

Tracey said...

I love hearing about your randomness on the farm!

Marigold said...

Oy. I am sure it is an itinerant band of Terrorist Tonsorial Artists. Beware, oh, Beware!!!

goatgirl said...

Well farmgirl she didn't wear white she wore all black. Black suede shoes that don't do well in the pasture. Black pants that show all the Sheltie hair and a darling black wool coat...again Sheltie hair. I had to lend her one of my goat coats to go out and see the animals. Sheesh...I must have been adopted.

MaskedMan, After all my cleaning up my brother still said he had poo on his shoe and it was impossible to avoid since there was poo all over. WHAT! I didn't see any poo.
Oh I have gory details all right. I'm just saving that post until after the vet comes out. Besides my mom got after me for writing about my most embarrassing moment with the dog and the "you know what" She thought it in very poor taste.
Like I said...Am I adopted?

Clare, I googled it too and may just pay the vet to do it. There was a bit more to it than I thought.

Wrensong, That is exactly me. I flit from task to task.
And I have decided I might just pay the vet to do "it". I have always had mares so didn't have to do that. I thought, "how hard can it be" so I googled it. There is a little more to it than I thought. I'll let you know.

Thanks Tracey!

That's exactly who I was thinking was responsible, Marigold.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Well these writings were not done by a blank mind at all :)
Very interesting stuff going on around your place, I'd say.

I want to know just how sweet your hubby is talking. Do you think he could sweet talk my llamas so they happily go along with feet trims, too?

Sheath cleaning. Gah! One reason I refused to buy a gelding! I love my mare. One swipe with a wet, soapy cloth and she's clean and shiny :)

Poor little Corabelle. I hope you've not got any weirdos around there. I had one that answered my ad when I was thinking of selling two of my angoras. She was into clut activities and wanted to use the horns for 'rituals'.

A friend who lives in PA, aurrounded by Amish folk, last year noticed their horse's tail had been cut off all the way to the tip of the bone!

Apparently the Amish are known to create art using pony tails.
Is that just awful?
I think I'd cry if my pretty horse's long lustrous tail was missing when I went to check on her. gah!

New Mexico

Anonymous said...

I understand those sweet talking men too. Mine talks sweet to some of these gals around here than to me,(sometimes)lol....
I also understand your randomness. I have a lot of that too.
Love the pictures
Have a great day.

goatgirl said...

Lisa, Hubby doesn't do llamas. They don't happily go along with anything. I have a chute that I can put them in to trim feet and shear their fiber but the last time I trimmed I just tied them up and they did OK.
Don't be too sure it was the Amish folk that trimmed the tail. 9 times out of 10 it's the other horse in the pasture or the one on the other side of the fence doing it. I had a mare that no matter where we put her the other horses trimmed her beautiful flaxen tail. It looked like someone came by with a pair of shears and cut her tail off but it was just another horse doing it. I would think the Amish would have enough horse tails around.
I am almost sure it was another goat that bit Cora Belle's tail. Today there was more missing and she was only in with other goats and it seems to happen when she's in heat.
Gafarmwoman, Yep Hubby sweet talks all the girls around here...and even a few of the boys. He loves his pig girls the best of all our farm animals.
Glad you like the pictures.

frugalmom said...

I have decided that when I make your scones I will do so in your honor by wearing all white.

That was very nice of you to lend your mama one of your goat coats....sharing is a very nice thing to do.

goatgirl said...

frugalmom, White would be very appropriate because I eats scones at the fair and if you are at the fair showing goats you are wearing white. Then you get a big spot of rasberry jam down the front.
My brother has dubbed my mom "llama mama" as her blog name. I will post a picture of her in my goat coat.
In case you didn't notice...Danni said damn....I'm just sayin'

goatgirl said...

"I eats scones" what the heck...sounds like a goatgirl doesn't it.
And I just had to look up rasberry because it just didn't look right. It's raspberry according to Webster's. I knew it didn't look right.

frugalmom said...

She dids says damn, didnt she? I like to add S's, too!

I have yet to holler at her for that...I can do that you know, holler at her, because Im the boss of her...Im just sayin.