Thursday, November 13, 2008

My Most Embarrassing Moment

I almost didn't write about this. Almost. It is my most embarrassing moment ever. But the vet over at Vet on the Edge wanted to hear. She posted about weird things that dogs eat and being very competitive I had to top her story.
So here goes.....

When Hubby and I were first married we lived in a duplex surrounded by other duplexes in the lovely small town of Steilacoom. Some of the neighbors were pretty junky as some renters tend to be and their garbage would spill out over the cans. At that time we had a small Dalmatian named Mandy that lived to slipped under the fence and sample the offerings in the neighboring yards. I know now that we were young and a bit irresponsible and should have tried harder to keep her in but at the time we just weren't as conscientious pet owners as we are today.
Well one day I noticed my dog out in the yard straining to go to the bathroom and was horrified to see her intestines trailing out behind her. I could not imagine what was wrong with her so in a panic I loaded her in Hubby's sports car that no animals had ever had the pleasure of riding in and sped off to the vet.
Rushing in with Mandy in my arms I told the startled receptionist that my dog's intestines were coming out of her rectum. She hustled me into a room and I waited, shaking, for the vet to come in. In walks the young woman vet. I explained that my dog's intestines were coming out. She walked around to the back of the dog while I held her in my arms and lifted her tail to take a peek.

With a dour look on her face said, "It's a rubber"

With my face turning fifty shades of red I stumbled all over my words explaining Mandy's habit of eating the neighbor's garbage.

With no expression at all she said in that same dour way,

"Let's hope that's how it got in there"

There was no charge for that visit....Mandy had eaten the rubber and the ring had gotten caught on the way out of her rectum so her bowel movement was in the end of it as it hung out her body...anyway you get the picture.

At least I hope that's how it happened.


Gone2theDawgs said...

Oh WOW! You are my hero! How brave you are to post this story!!! :) I haven't stopped chuckling yet! Thanks!

AKDD said...


Okay, that's a good one! I can just picture your vet saying darkly, "Let's hope that's how it got in there." Yikes.

Sigh. Dogs. Gotta love 'em. Doesn't mean they may not make you die of embarrassment, but.... gotta love 'em.

Holly said...




no wonder I don't like dog kisses

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Oh My gosh!!! Funny is a wierd sort of way, isn't it?

Tracey said...

Oh my goodness!! I am at a loss, don't feel bad though..we probably all would have done the same thing!!!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I don't think I've ever heard a dog ingestion story as weird or as funny as that one. lol!


Anonymous said...

Good story to start a SNOWY Friday morning in Colorado!!!!

Stephanie said...

That's too funny! Did you ever tell your then neighbors about it?

Marigold said...

Oy. I think the goatmother can at least equal that. 'Back When' she had an old female dachsund and a not-yet-neutered, young Shih Tzu male. Being unfamiliar with dogs in general, one day the goatson came running in exclaiming that the dogs were 'stuck together'. Horrified, the goatmother tried to separate the pair, who by this time were one facing right and one facing left. Unsuccessful, she frantically dialed the vet. With much the same 'dour' tone, the vet's office explained (with muffled snickers)what exactly was going on and that all would soon be well. In the meantime, the goatson, having watched Dr. Dootlittle one too many times, declared, "Oh, great. A Push-Me-Pull-You."

Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing!!!
Whatever did dearest hubby say about the rubber tube being carried in his sports car??

Anonymous said...

Oh I feel your pain... when we first got married my NSDH used to put the used ones in the bathroom garbage where my not so good dog would gobble them up. Augh :p Guess how I found this out.... I found them in the poo three days later in the yard! Thankfully we didn't have kids doing that job yet.

goatgirl said...

wrensong, I'll embarrass myself more often.

akdd, I told you it was not something you write about in someone elses comments. And I never went back to that vet. She didn't have a sense of humor.

holly, I still like dog kisses. I just don't think about it.

clare, I'm sorry you had to see this side of me. And funny in a weird sort of way describes it doesn't it?

tracey, I think everyone would have done the same thing. It really did look like her intestines.

lisa, Yep, that's hard to beat.

mindy, I got a call from my son's girlfriend this morning that they had snow too. Very exciting for a California girl.

goldilocks, Nope never did say anything to the neighbor. I wanted to block it out.

Marigold, Aren't you glad you are a goat? Very funny story.

esther, Hubby didn't say a word. He was too busy laughing his a-- off.

anonymous, So dogs must love them. I never knew. Luckily you didn't experience one getting stuck.

I am glad everyone got a good I should move on to another subject before my mom reads this...don't you think?

sugarcreekstuff said...

My sister had a dog that would eat her used underwear. She would find pooped out underwear all over her backyard.
Dumb dog.

Heidi said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! and EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!! LOL That is so nasty - we have a neighbor who's dog used to bring used maxi pads into the yard - but the rubber COMPLETLY tops that!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! I am sitting here laughing while my husband is asking what is it? What's so funny?!
Reminds me of one of my moments when BoDog was a newbie. I had clothes hanging on the line. In-laws are over admiring my raised beds. Who runs by with a big ole Granny pair of underwear in his mouth? You may have guess FarmMan, but no, it was Bodog! Around and around the in-laws he ran. and ran.

Danni said...

Oh my....this is disGUSting. I loved your vet's comment...what a story!
I guess this should make me feel a little better about how happy Roxy is to chase the chickens all around the yard, gobbling up all the chicken 'treats' they leave behind...

Country Girl said...

Oh my I'm laughing out loud here at work as I catch up on your blog.
That is one of the funniest stories I've heard in a while. Hopefully he ate it like you said but I do have a SICK ER story about a man and his poor Golden Retriever. :(

Country Girl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
goatgirl said...

Thanks everyone for their gross stories. I'm glad you got a good laugh.
farmgirl Danni, "Chicken treats" you do have a way with words. We enjoy those here too....well the dogs I mean.

I knew nurse countrygirl would have a gross story too. And I am pretty sure that is where it came from judging from the condition...but the neighbors were pretty weird. You have to remember we were only about 21 and I had never heard of what you are talking about so was mortified when the vet said that.

I am a little curious about the comment deleted by the author at the end here....maybe it's my old neighbor.