Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sunny Side Up

Life with Sunny is starting to look up. What a difference a few weeks make. Guess what? No more figure 8 track. He has better things to do now. There is eating the grass, chasing the cat, eating the grass, talking to the new filly next door, eating the grass, teaching goatgirl to give him treats, eating the grass, going for walks....and eating the grass.

Sunny is working his way into my heart. I figured out that my expectations for him needed to change. You see I have wanted a miniature horse for about 25 years, ever since I saw one at the Puyallup fair while touring the horse barn (while eating a scone). Hubby and I couldn't believe our eyes when we saw this horse in miniature. I remember not wanting to walk away from it. I was in love. So when I set out to find one all I wanted was a tiny horse to look at in my pasture...that's all...just a pasture pet. A mini horse for my mini farm.
But when I saw the ad for Sunny and it said he was athletic and loved to run and jump, was cart trained, shown in obstacles, loved people and animals my expectations rose. I wasn't satisfied with just looking at him. I wanted to run, jump and cart.
I was disappointed that he doesn't run...ever, he doesn't jump and he doesn't even look up when I come around. I told myself that that was all right. I didn't need another animal mauling me for a handout...I had the goats and llamas for that, oh and don't forget the pigs....and the chickens. I didn't need Sunny to join in the fun. And he doesn't.
But he does look cute out in the pasture. And he is calm...so calm I led him into the house on Saturday while Hubby was watching T.V. on the couch. Sunny walked right in like he had done it a million times and Hubby looked up and said," Hello Sunny Jim" like he had seen a horse in the house a million times before.

And for the first time Sunny stuck his nose between my knees and gave me a nose bump that went straight to my heart.

I just have one question...if they could miniaturize his head, muzzle, ears, feet, legs, etc....why couldn't they miniaturize his mane?


@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Sunny is looking well-loved, Wendy!

Holly said...

awwwwww! The change is happening....I hope you won't mind another animal mugging you....it's going to happen and you know it!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you led him right into the house!!! Anette would be sooo jealous if he heard that! I don't think I'd mind a bit, except our horses are so big they'd turn the whole house upside down... How big is he?

Danni said...

Yeah, ok, but one question this post left me with is: does Sunny eat grass?


I *loved* the story of your husband's nonchalant and completely ordinary greeting of Sunny when Sunny stood next to him at the couch.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sunny is so adorable :)


frugalmom said...

Right into the house, you say? I am so gonna try that when I get my llama. Ill make sure to keep you posted on how my husband reacts!

Marigold said...

You know what they say...hair is one's crowning glory and all that. Looks to me like he got crowned pretty good.

Chanda said...

Sunny looks so pretty and content. He does have a big mane, that is very normal to his breeding. Do yiu know how t pull a mane to make it look better and be more manageable in nature. Some say it is painless some say it makes them sore afterwards. Either way we always pulled our horses manes when we groomed them for show. A handy dandy old pair of sheers works well also. I'm glad he is growing on you. The best love stories usually start out this way. Look out heart.

goatgirl said...

He's getting there Clare.

Holly, I have my doubts he will ever be in my pocket but that's ok I like his independence.

Esther, he is about 32 inches...about 8 hands.

farmgirl, I guess I didn't make myself clear....Sunny eats grass.
And Hubby never knows what's going to walk through the door.

Thanks Lisa

Right in the house frugalmom...the key is to wait until AFTER they poop to lead them in. Your kids will love it!

Marigold, His mane is the same size as a full sized horse.

Shanda, I don't know how to pull his mane. I wouldn't mind thinning it a bit, especially his forelock.

MaskedMan said...

Esther, don't look now, but large hourse will fit in the house, too... As kids, we had, among other animals, a retired cow pony - A gelded quarterhorse named Loki.

Well, OK, he was my sister's, not "ours," but that didn't stop us for bringing him into the house anyway. Loki would do anything for butterscotch. Including walking into the basement and hanging out with us kids. I'm sure AKDD remembers it better. She ought, anyway - She was one of the ringleaders!

Sunny is sooo much more a practical size for letting into the house!

Tracey said...

Sunny is so handsome!!

goatgirl said...

When I was a kid in 4H I was at a meeting at the leader's house. She was teaching us parts of a horse so to better explain where things were she went outside and led a pony into the livingroom. I thought this was the best thing I had ever seen. The pony wasted no time in pooing on the hardwood floor. So the leader just went back out and got a shovel.
I at least waited until Sunny pooed outside before surprising Hubby with a horse in the house. So you never know what you might do that will impress a kid and she will remember it for the rest of her life.
Esther and Maskedman did you see the post on how I got Sunny home? If not check it out.

Thanks Tracey.

MaskedMan said...

Cheerios, eh?
Cheaper than butterscotch, and probably much better for him, too.

I daresay you must've gotten a few looks on your way home.

goatgirl said...

Now that's the strange part...not one person looked. We were a bit disappointed.

MaskedMan said...

That *is* a bit disappointing. Oh, well... We all like to be the center of the story. I suppose a little disappointment is good for our souls.

Gone2theDawgs said...

It was bound to happen. Animals can feel the love....poor Sunny just hadn't been around someone who cared as much as you and wasn't sure in the beginning how to act. I'd say you are definitely going to have some more mugging! :) His mane is gorgeous!