Friday, November 14, 2008

The First Snow

Greetings from Colorado! This is goldilocks, the girlfriend of goatgirl's son. I've been given permission from goatgirl to be a guest blogger. As most of you know, goatgirl's son and I moved to Colorado for grad school at the end of August. When we first got here, goatgirl's Hubby asked a waiter when snow season begins and much to everyone's surprise we were told Labor Day (which was only three weeks away at the time). After that, Hubby began to take a poll. He asked everyone we saw when snow usually comes. The consensus was Halloween. Well, Halloween came and went and no snow. Two weeks later, and still no snow. So last night, my sweet boyfriend said, "Do you think it's gonna snow tonight like it said on the news?" Of course I answered, "No way, they've been saying that for weeks, and it hasn't yet. Besides, it was so hot today." (Yesterday, it was in the 70s)

Well, I got into the habit of looking out my window every morning to see if it snowed while I was sleeping. This morning I woke up, and a little flutter caught the corner of my eye. And I thought, hmmm was that a snowflake? I looked down at the ground which is xeriscaped (which is a fancy way of saying landscaped with rocks instead of grass), but no snow. Then I saw another flutter. It was a soft little snowflake. This time I looked up, and there it was. Snow! Covering the branches of the tree outside my window! Now, I am a born and raised California girl. It has only snowed in my hometown once in my whole life. My family used to drive a couple hours in the winter just to play in the snow. So let me tell you, I was excited. Snow, right there in my front yard. I called my mom. I called goatgirl. I even called my grandma. I was like a kid in a candy store. I jumped out of bed, threw on some pants and a sweatshirt, ran outside, and this is what I saw.

Have I given you a good enough picture of how excited I was? If not, just imagine a five year old on Christmas morning, and that should do it. Now imagine the disappointment at 11am when I realized that all the snow had somehow mysteriously disappeared. But no worries, something tells me that this first snow won't be the last!


Holly said...

come to NW Pennsylvania! We measure it by the foot in January and February!

our first snowfall of the year did a huge amount of damage to the trees and what the branches fell on

Anonymous said...

Oh yuck, I'm glad we haven't had much snow here yet!


goatgirl said...

Imagine my surprise to get up this morning and check my blog to find that goldilocks, my guest blogger, had been hard at work. Great post. I loved it. The snow is beautiful!
Too bad it didn't last but there will be more.
Now make sure you blog about your first horseback ride in Colorado.
Love you and miss you.

And to holly and amy, your snow is our rain here in Washington. Snow to us and to a California girl is a special treat. To me it means a snow day from school...gotta love that!

goatgirl said...

P.S. goldilocks, he is sweet isn't he? Gush Gush.

Marigold said...

Oh, Goldilocks, the goatmother quite understands this. After moving from CA to WA, the first time it snowed here, she was out on the deck dancing like she had been to the Dervish Herding School! :)

Anonymous said...

Aaaaaahhhhh...the snowing and then the melting is why I live here. It is very rare to see dirty snow around here because it usually melts within a couple of days. Do you have shorts on today? I walked from my house, down and around Wash Park and back without a coat and was wishing I had shorts on.

Gotta love it here!

frugalmom said...

Now I know who I can call on when we get our first snow. Goldilocks, you are more than welcome to get excited and come and play in our snow. Id much rather have the rain.

Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel. We ALL get excited down here when it snows. Which is very seldom.
Goldilocks, you did a great job as a guest blogger.
Now...what is this about a first horseback ride??
Have a great weekend.

Stephanie said...

holly, that's a horrible way to start winter. I'm not looking forward to dangerous and damaging snow...I only like the peaceful pretty snow scenes.

goatgirl, he is a very very sweet boy! (I don't think I actually have to tell you that)

marigold, I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who runs outside dancing. (I'm just glad that it was too early in the morning for my neighbors to be up and about)

Mindy, don't get me wrong. I like that the snow comes and melts. It may be too much for me if the ground was snow covered for months of the year. I did not have shorts on because I left my apartment when it was still cold outside. I was wishing I had shorts on by the afternooon though!

frugalmom, thanks for the invite...I may take you up on it!

ga.farmwoman, thanks for the compliment. And yes, I did go on my first horseback ride today. I had such a good time that I may just have to guest blog again about the ride!

Danni said...

Well, hello, Goldilocks. I've seen you post comments now and again to goatgirl's blog and I was wondering how long we'd have to wait until you started your own blog. Being a guest writer is a great way to start - goatgirl is very generous (and trusting - ha ha) to let you use her wonderful blog.
Your enthusiasm for snow is wonderful - I *still* love looking out the window and being surprised by a world of white! I hope you'll write more! :-)

Country Girl said...

You are a hoot! Colorado must be beuatiful especially with a little snow covering.

Stephanie said...

farmgirl_dk, goatgirl has been encouraging me to start my own blog. I think she asked me to guest blog as a way of easing me into it. I'll let you when I get my own up and running.

MaskedMan said...

AS a third generation Cailfornia boy, who moved as a child to Ft. Collins, I know how you feel. Except my first real experience with snow was two feet of snow. On a school day.
Schools didn't close.

To say I was heart-broken doesn't come close. Fortunately, it didn't all vanish before I got home, and all was well with the world again.

Enjoy your decorative snows - there'll come a time, not too far off, when you're cursing it.