Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving Thanks

I love a road trip. I love riding along and looking at how other people live. I love looking at farms and imagine living there. After our last road trip where we made the unfortunate stop in Vegas I didn't think Hubby and I would ever leave our street. But we did and I'm glad for it.

We decided to take a Thanksgiving trip to Bakersfield to visit my son, goldilocks, and her very fun family. It was so good to see them and laugh about our above said trip, share a bounty of good food and meet goldilocks' 90 year old grandma. I have come to the conclusion that Bakersfield gets a bum rap. The butt of jokes for years, Bakersfield is not as I pictured. It is very much like Tacoma, the town I grew up in...but minus the rain plus sweltering heat, I hear. I love California...north of the Grapevine hill. It still has a lot of open spaces, lots of farms and some very beautiful countryside. Grapes grow around Bakersfield as far as the eye can see. I love grapes and I love wine so grapes as far as the eye can see is good. But most of all I love where real people live and Bakersfield is full of real people. It is a practical, sturdy town that helped to mold goldilocks into the smart, down to earth, real person that she is today. That is why my son loves her....and she is beautiful. I'm sure that has nothing to do with it.

Some random things I observed on the road trip are...
America if you are listening, we don't need any more stores!!! If I see one more new modern complex with a Target, Home Depot, etc. etc. I am going to scream. All the towns are starting to look the same.
People need to take a lesson from Hubby and turn those junk vehicles into some cold hard cash. That's scrap metal you know. I think there is enough out there to fund the bail-out for the automakers. The circle of life.
Oregon is the cleanest of all three states. Hubby described it as the best of California and the best of Washington all rolled into one state but they love their ADULT SHOPS right next to the freeway.
Oh and one more thing...Danni, when did Waddles become Hooters??? That's just WRONG.

Solomon was happy to see his brother...

Returning home to find all animals in good shape is always a blessing too. My animals love when I'm gone because that means my neighbor, Barb, feeds. Barb is very generous with the food. She thinks a little hay is good but a lot of hay is better. I come home to fat and happy animals.
I have been trying to entice the neighbor's chickens into my chicken coop. Now I admit it is chicken thieven' but the reality is that they are at my place all the time. I feed them and they don't. I don't want them eating at my place and laying at theirs. It kind of reminds me of when another family lived there and bought two sheep. They were under the impression that the sparse pasture was enough for the sheep to live on so fed them no extra. I couldn't stand to see them looking through the fence at me and would throw them hay when I fed my animals. A year later I was talking to the woman and she marveled at how wonderful the meat from those sheep was...and it didn't cost them anything to feed them. I didn't clue her in because they were moving and I wouldn't have to feed any more sheep and they needed the help anyway but I refuse to feed the chickens and not get any eggs. They started out with six lovely young hens and because they don't lock them up at night they are down to three. One nice Black Star and 2 wild Rhode Island Red Heads.

Before I left I locked up the Black Star in with my hens. She really liked the never ending buffet.
The Rhode Island Reds wanted nothing to do with it and freaked out, upsetting my girls, so out they went. Barb was able to lock the Black Star in every night with my girls. No luck on the wild red girls. I am afraid their days are numbered.
I asked Barb if she got any eggs and she said no that there weren't any in the boxes. I thought that strange and went out to look. Oh there were eggs all right. It's just that my girls lay all their eggs in one to speak. They have six boxes and all lay in one. If someone is using it at the time they just wait their turn instead of choosing an empty box. Barb just didn't look at the one on the far end so I have eggs to sell tomorrow.

It's time to get back to our routine.....and put these animals on a diet.


@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a fun trip and that the animals are fat and sassy!

MaskedMan said...

Some people... They don't think, and their animals suffer. The black hen can be grateful and give thanks for protection and food, as could the previous sheep. A shame their owners aren't sufficiently aware to give thanks to their quiet benefactors next door.

Bakersfield... Where my family is rooted. Well, not any longer, but that is where my father's generation, and the one previous, called home. I'm glad, as far from home as we've wandered, that Bakersfield is still much the same as I remember it.

Glad you had a good trip, and carried away good memories of your excursion.

Danni said...

Oh, ha ha ha HA!! You CRACK me up! Wendy, I was SOOOOO sad when Waddle's shut down. Who the hell remembers Waddle's but me...and well, you now, too...that's just awesome! I suddenly feel less lonely. :-) It was a true Portland icon, with that huge neon sign and all! I even bought a t-shirt from Waddle's when I was 16 - with a cute little yellow duck on the front. Hooters-schmooters. I hate that damn owl.

What a great photo expose' of your trip - it sounds like you had a wonderful time. How cool that you enjoy Goldilocks'parents so much, too. Just one big giant happy family, eh? What's Christmas going to be like for you all this year?

You are so luck to have someone trustworthy and close by to care for your babies while you are away.

Holly said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful trip and a satisfied crew when you got back. Not much better than that!

frugalmom said...

Wow. Look at that great looking couple. Lovely. The trip sounds like it was a good time...

But heres the thing. That whole thing about Oregon being the cleanest state of the three? Dont go sayin that outloud. Danni already thinks Oregon is the greatest place ever.....jeez....

Marigold said...

Diet is a nasty word - except in the case of Boo.

Anonymous said...

Your road trip really sounds wonderful. I know your son and Goldilocks(and family) were excited ya'll came.

It is nice though to get back to your animals, isn't it?

Most of our chickens like to lay in the same nest box, too.
We almost have the incubator ready, so we will be hatching biddies before we know it.
Glad your Thanksgiving was so nice.
Have a great day.

goatgirl said...

Thanks Clare

Well Maskedman to tell the truth Bakersfield probably has changed a bit. You don't think they would get away from getting a huge amount of growth in the form of a Home Depots, two Costcos, Office Depots, etc, etc, etc, etc. Yep lots of sprawl.

Farmgirl, We used to always stop and eat at Waddles and I couldn't believe my eyes when we went by and the duck was replaced with an owl. Weren't Oregonians outraged?
And as far as son is coming home for a week and we will be at home with my family.

Holly, The trouble with having animals is finding good care when you want to travel. I am blessed with good neighbors. I just have to be careful to not burn them out.

Oops frugalmom too late. But she's right, Oregon in my book is the perfect state.

Marigold, I never say that word out loud. I just give them less and hope they don't notice. Maybe they aren't saying baaaa when I go to feed. Maybe they are chanting...Barb..Barb..Barb.

gafarmwoman, There's that word again..biddies..I love that word.

Anonymous said...

Sahara and Isolde think they should continue chanting "barb, barb, barb". Or what, wasn't it barb as in barb horses?? :-) Hope you get to enjoy those eggs soon!!


Anonymous said...

Well....I gave in and moved the bunny into the house...

goatgirl said...

Esther, My Barb would love that she shares her name with such beautiful horses.

Mindy, You ole softy. It's not that cold where you are.

Gone2theDawgs said...

I love road trips too. :) For all the same reasons as you. And I definitely agree with you about all the towns starting to look the same with all their mega-stores. :(

Great pics of your trip and family. That bummed me out too about was definitely an icon.

Glad you made it home safe and sound to your happily plump animals!

Country Girl said...

Sounds like a great trip. Glad to hear you got to spend time with your boy and goldilocks. They are a sweet couple.