Friday, November 7, 2008

Hope Floats

We are floating away. According to the rain gauge in Mrs. R. 1st grade class we had 5inches of rain in one day. That didn't surprise me one bit. I saw 5 inches of water everywhere. In Sunny stall, in the llama lounge, in the woodshed and even in the garage. I spent a few hours after work yesterday bailing out. After digging a ditch to carry the water out of the stall Hubby ambled in after work and made the mistake of saying,"Hi, what's up?" Well I filled him in on what was up. The water was up like I hadn't seen it before and the rain has just started. I know it seems like I complain a lot about the rain but do not judge until you have walked a mile in my gumboots. It is mainly the question of hair. I have said before I don't have the hair for this weather. And to make matters worse I have not had a haircut in months and I couldn't do a thing with my mop this morning. I frantically called my hairdresser for an emergency appointment. She didn't have anything. But my friend, the hair police, came to the rescue. She gave me her appointment.

Which can only mean one thing, my hair was worse than I thought.

And speaking of hope, I am surprised at some of the reactions I got from my last post. I got everything from, Wow what a great post, to Man goatgirl has been dipping into the KoolAid....whatever that means. I am a bit floored on how extreme the reaction to this election has been. I am old enough to have been through many presidential elections and this one seems to have brought out the best in people and the worst. I have never seen so much fear, hate, and yes, hope. None of us knows what the future brings. Only time will tell.

Can't everyone just get along?

That's all Moly wants. So let's take a lesson from an old goat. Don't worry about tomorrow. Let's just ask ourselves how we can make today a better day.
I hope you have a good weekend. Stay dry!


Holly said...

My daughter and I have been totally amazed at the reaction of some to this election and the fact that Obama won.

Things like "too eloquent" have surfaced in conversations. What!? How can the head of our country be "too eloquent?". Why is being fluent with words so scary?

We had quite a snow here last week, but I think I'll take that rather than the water you are getting. Have you started on the Ark yet?

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Hope Is Floating, and AMEN! =;)

That being said, I will send good thoughts to you and your animals (and Punky and hers) not to get mired down in the bogginess of all that rain! 5 inches in one day is alot. Does it make everyone grumpy? It would me!

Marigold said...

Can we get along? Yes, We Can!!!! :) As far as I'm concerned, you can have as much Kool-Aid as you want - and Peanuts!

Anonymous said...

Hey Goatgirl! When are you going to send some more of that rain down this way???
We are so dry, the well is dry, my raised beds are dry.
My hope right now is for wet weather, which is still not much in the next week's forecast.
Folks need to take a lesson from Jack and Belle. They get along just fine.
Have a wonderful weekend. (we do have some beautiful leaves and weather right now).

Haley Poulos said...

Agh! How wild! I saw your comment on Vet On The Edge and followed your picture because what is cuter than a goat?!??! (besides a dog, I mean.)

Anyway, we're neighbors! I live in Silverdale. Small world! I hope you don't mind if I follow your blog.

Also, would you please do an anti-rain dance for tomorrow? Three days in a row of water up to my ankles is really all I can handle.....

Oh- and yes!- Hope does float!

Haley Poulos said...

Oh yes, one more thing (sorry)- I just moved here a year and a half ago, and I TOTALLY sympathize with you on the hair thing. I definitely look like I stuck my finger in the electrical socket.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Poor Koo looks like he's fed up with the rain, too.

We haven't had any rain since August. But at least it's been a mild fall so far. We typically start getting bitter gusting winds in October, and so far that hasn't happened.
No fun to ride in strong winds.

Stay dry, GoatGirl!
And let's see a photo of your new doo, k?

And don't be sneaky and take a photo of you in that rasta wig! lol :D


frugalmom said...

No rain here...but we have had snow. Snow flurries that is. They hung around for a few hours today.

I am so with you on that whole everyone getting along thing. Really.

goatgirl said...

Yep Holly, heaven forbid we get too eloquent. I just don't get it. And yes we have started on the ark but since we need two animals of each does that mean I get another mini?

Clare, Yes I was grumpy...just ask Hubby. I am better now because I spent all weekend preparing for the next big rain and I got my haircut.

Marigold, All I can say is ...No More Head Butts People! I think Peanuts go very well with Kool-Aid.

gafarmwoman, I sent rain, it should be there in about a week. And yes Jack and Belle are an inspiration. Jack just cracks me up with his mooning over the lovely Belle.

Mutt Gal, Welcome neighbor! As you can see I love my doggies too. I did the raindance and we had a pretty good weekend, didn't we?

Lisa, I went out in the worst of the rain and Koo was laying down in the middle of the pasture enjoying it. It is really warm in spite of the wet so I don't think it bothers him. Besides he is wearing wool.
If you hadn't noticed there are very few pictures of me. I am the most unphotogenic person alive. I did get my haircut but it is shorter than I like because I go so seldom I want to get my money's worth. There will be no pictures of me. I can't find my dreadlocks anywhere.

frugalmom, Hubby asked the other day if I would rather live in a place that had snow instead of this rain and I think I would...I think.
What are you doing on the computer? You should be driving this way. Colorado is sort of the southern sort of way.

Gone2theDawgs said...

Hey, if you know the "rain go away" dance I'd be happy to get together with you to help send it to ga.farmwoman!! EVERYTHING is floating here.....sometimes I just don't know how I wound up in the Pac. NW almost 30 years ago and have stayed here thru all the rain and gloom. Good thing I have animals to cheer me up!! :)

Gone2theDawgs said...

Oh by the way....I have almost stopped reading certain (and some of my favorite) blogs because of the anger and animosity towards our new chosen president. People need to get over it and support him to help make this a wonderful country again. I decided to keep reading their blogs but I am NOT reading any of their political posts. I'm with you....Why can't we all just get along???!!!

goatgirl said...

wrensong farm, I almost did too because I was sick to my stomach by some of the things that they said but I am trying to learn to let people have their opinion and still be their friend. Hard for me.
After all it is a free matter what they say.