Monday, November 3, 2008

A Milking Stand For Everyone

There is a milking stand for all tastes. They come in all shapes and sizes but the major function is all the same. Hold that goat's neck while you do something to it. While searching for one I came across some interesting models.

Here is one with all the bells and whistles. I can just see this person's truck. They probably have a J.C. Whitney catalog next to their chair.

I did like this well made, sturdy stand. Someone has a handy hubby.

This stand has a new twist for the headlock. Sort of a combination sheep/goat stand.

Here is a stand that my mom would have....if my mom had goats....and actually milked them....and they sold it at Nordstrom's. This one would look cute just hanging out in your living room with a few plants on it.

This stand was found under milking stand for Nigerian Dwarf Goats. You have to be kidding me. It is made for a small cow. These kids could fall off and hurt themselves.

This stand is hardly practical. This picture was taken at a local fair. I can't imagine schlepping this stand through the fairgrounds, can you goatfarmer? But the girl is darling and I love the artsy spin on the head lock. Makes holding the goat's neck actually pretty.

So there you go, a milking stand for all tastes.....including you Mom.

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Marigold said...

WE have no. 3, but I want no. 4! If ya' gotta' go there, it might as well be fashionable.