Saturday, March 8, 2008

Pasta Anyone?

Penne Pasta has arrived. She leaped out of the van and took a look around. Koo ran right over and, being the gentleman he is, jumped right on and tried to molest the poor girl. She didn't seem too phased by him but we put Penne in with the goats and left Koo in his pasture. They can get used to each other for a while. Koo has not seen another llama in 5 years. He couldn't believe his eyes. Once again I forgot my camera for a minute and missed a few good photo opportunities.

Kate, the llama gal, was very kind to give her a ride and we had a pleasant time chatting about llamas. She gave me lots of good tips for trimming toes and caring for llamas. She even gave me a lesson in nail trimming that Penne stood quite still for:) And wouldn't you know....Koo is a little overweight. We have a problem here. I enjoy feeding animals , and they enjoying eating. A perfect combination for a chubby farmyard. Well at least it won't cost me any more to have another llama. I will give her half of Koo's.

Here are a few pictures I did manage to take after I came to my senses and got the camera.

Koo and Penne get acquainted

Kate, Penne and the goats get acquainted

One thing that has me worried though, I noticed that Penne LOVES to eat. And remember what I said about me.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

No 'getting to know you' spitting contest, yet? hehehe

Penne is quite a pretty colored lady. I'm so happy to hear that she has arrived safe and sound to add joy and amusement to yours and Koo's lives.

PS. Koo, don't listen to that llama lady. you're not fat, you are just fluffy!

Gus, Louie and Callie said...

Penne is beautiful. I found your webpage from farm-girl. I am so jealous. I want to retire and have a farm to rescue animals. We have been talking about sheep and llama's. Have you ever thought of Alpaca's? I think they would be cool too..

Big Sloppy Kisses
Gus and Louie

Marigold said...

A lovely lady to be sure. Does she like Peanuts?

Danni said...

Aw, Wendy, she's beautiful. What a funny story about Koo's special welcome for her. I bet he's had that planned ever since you brushed his head. He just knew he was looking good! :-) I can't remember, is he altered? If not, are llama babes in your future plans?
How are the chicks doing?

goatgirl said...

twinville, Koo did all the spitting. I think I will let them out together tomorrow and see what happens:)
Yes she is pretty colors and her coat is so soft compared to Koo's. I think I may have to learn how to spin. She is a totally different looking llama than Koo. The llama gal said they , in the past, introduced Alpaca into them and I think she looks a bit more Alpaca.
She is easy to work with and will stand for petting. Koo wasn't handled that much so he is just something we look at. He hates to be touched. I really don't know much about llamas so I may have to pick your brain from time to time.

gus and louie, thanks for stopping by. I am getting quite a collection of animals that need a new home for whatever reason. I was told that Penne originally was being taken to the slaughterhouse but refused to get in the truck.Smart girl. Then she went through a few homes. Now she is home.

Marigold, I am sure she loves everything.

farmgirl aka chicksister,we just got back from beautiful Oregon. 10 hrs of driving for 6 hours with my boy and his girl. I love Oregon. One of my favorite places is Lane County. Lots of green rolling hills and it is lambing time so the fields were full of babies.

Both Koo and Penne are fixed so no llama babies in the future.

Chicks are doing great. I was a bit worried about my one Black Star but she seems fine now. She is just more sleepy than the rest. At one point I looked in and thought she died but when I opened the brooder to take her dead little body out she had jumped up and was running around. I quess it was a dead sleep:)
I love my chicks!