Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Here is Proof That a Llama Can Ride in a Van

And yes she left presents


Marigold said...

Well, that is nice, but goats can do that too.

Susan aka Chicken Mama said...

What a hoot!!! You gave me my first good laugh of the day! Thank you!

Danni said...

Oh dear, me too. I laughed so hard when this picture first came up. Funnier yet is that Penne appers to be smiling and enjoying the whole thing. You may just have a constant companion from now on when you run around town doing errands. Do llamas eat doggy biscuits? If so, bank tellers and gas station attendants are going to have a ball! ;-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


We love this picture of you, but we do hope it doesn't give our mama and strange ideas to put US in the back of her van! (Gasp!)

Our mama still thinks we're going to hop willing into that horse trailer of ours......the one that smells like stinky horse. Can you even imagine???

farmgirl, We love horse cookies, actually. We would not eat a dog bisquit. Dogs are not worthy enough to even walk in our shadows. HMMPHH!

Penne, We think your smile is just lovely.

Cataleya & Catlinite

goatgirl said...

Oh no farmgirl there will be no llamas in my cute new Jeep. This is a picture of Penne in the llama gal's van.
and Marigold I hate to disagree but if it were a goat in the back of the van pretty soon it would be in the front and then before long it would have it's hoof on the steering wheel all while chewing on the driver's hair. You know it's true.
Cataleya & Catlinite I will be sure to give Penne your message and compliment on her smile and I think a horse trailer is just fine for you to ride in.
Penne got a good brushing and I am starting to whittle on the puffball head. How embarassing. Like having a permanent bad hair day.
chicken mama, that's great. I love to laugh.

Anonymous said...

Penne does seem to be having a great time. Have you thought of diapers? Then Penne could ride for a good while without presents everywhere.lol...I'm still waiting on delivery of my "biddies". Tell the first graders hi!

goatgirl said...

I will tell them hi.

sugarcreekstuff said...

Hey, my new best friend. Thank you so much for your order. I'll be at my show all day tomorrow, Sat at my son's Science Competition, so I'll get it in the mail on Monday.
Ok, how do you get a llama into a van? Do they go willingly?

goatgirl said...

Sugarcreekstuff, New best friend huh, that's great. I saw that bag and thought of my friend. I told her about it at work and she said "Get it" She has been a good friend so I am going to give it to her.
Now on the subject of Penne in the van. I really have no idea how they got her in. I just saw her get out. She was delivered to my place in the back of the van. The llama gal took pictures. They say that they just walk in and lay down. I thought they were great pictures.

Anonymous said...

HA! I bet you got some looks while driving huh? Great shot:) Thank you for stopping by our blog. We have alot to learn, but thanks to other's like you we are enjoying it thus far:)
Have a great day!