Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Getting To Know You

When ever you get a new animal there is a bit of an adjustment period. Not so with Penne. She came right in and made herself at home. She is in with the goats and likes it just fine. In fact she is very much like a goat. A huge goat. She is curious, friendly and pushy about food, which I think accounts for the first two traits.
When Kate brought her to my farm she was concerned that Penne would be afraid of the pigs. I assured her I wouldn't let them out for a few days. So a few days later I decided to let everyone out into the big pasture. I walked over to let the pigs out with Penne on my heels. She was curious and thought what I was doing may involve food. I opened the pig's gate and out they came. They ran right under Penne and she didn't bat an eye. They looked at her, she sniffed them and everyone went on their way. I put some hay in the pasture and everyone was settling down for a snack when I heard the warning sound, a llama warning sound. Penne had her head up and wouldn't eat. Now I knew something was wrong. Coming through the trees were my neighbor's peacocks. She was afraid of the peacocks. This I do know, if a crazy peacock comes out of the woods to attack my livestock, Penne will be all over it!
One unexpected added benefit is feeding Penne with the goats. She eats half their food. I have a problem with fat goats so it is Penne's job to eat part of their hay to help slim them down. They don't even know they are dieting.
I have even given her a bit of a haircut. She had this clown collar thing going on around her neck so I sheared that off. I brushed out her beautiful fiber, that's llama talk for hair, trimmed her tail and brushed out her head. She looks much more elegant now.
I told my hubby that I trimmed the puffy collar off and he said, "Oh no, I liked that."
To each his own.


Danni said...

What a great post - I love reading all the stories of your animals and you do such a good job sharing a bit of each animal's (quirky?) personality! Good to know you're protected now against predatory peacocks. I've heard they're dangerous! (What's the deal with pigs and llamas, though? I don't know the history there. And if there is a history, why would Penne not be as upset by them as Koo is?)
Ha, ha...clown collar! Yes, that is a matter of personal taste, isn't it. :-)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Penne sounds just like me sweet Cataleya. If she could she'd probably crawl right into my lap. hehe

Catlinite in the other hand is more aloof and doesn't really enjoy petting or attention. He will eart out of my hand but prefers his feed to be in his bucket instead.

Interesting about the pigs, too. I've read that horses are very frightened of pigs, but I didn't know that llamas might fear them too.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! Go Penne!! She's got it right you know, those peafowl can be dangerous!! ;)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad Penne adjusted easily. I like it when they all get along.
The puffy collar did sound cute.

goatgirl said...

I just don't know what everyone has against the pigs but I must admit that still to this day I am a bit afraid of them. I think it stems back to the scene in The Wizard of Oz when Dorothy falls into the pig pen. You know the one when she is walking on the railing and falls in only to be rescued by the farm hand. And with as many times I've seen the Wizard of Oz, I am sure I'm scarred for life.

And oh no, the clown collar had to go.

deconstructingVenus said...

ha! killer peacocks! THAT i'd like to see!