Thursday, March 27, 2008

Peaceable Kingdom

Nothing to write about so I will just post some blurry pictures of the beautiful animals that keep me sane.

Here is Dottie. She was dumped along with her brother and her mother in front of my house.

Here is Ruckus at 7 months. He has hardly changed a bit since I got him. He is tiny tiny tiny but as friendly as can be. I love his sweet disposition.

All the goats together

Penne's new hairdo with Koo admiring from afar.

Penne carefully eating around the nettle shoots that I want her to eat.


Danni said...

Ha! Those were great photos. Loved the pic of Koo admiring Penne from afar.
How's that whole relationship-thing going, by the way? :-)
How are the chickies?
How are you?
I still don't have any goats.
But the donkey rescue agency called again today. They're coming up to Oregon next week to check out my property.
If I flunk at this late stage in the game, I'm going to feel reeeeeally badly. :-)

Anonymous said...

How sad that someone would dump such beautiful animals. Glad there are folks like you willing to take them on;) Love the pictures of your animals. I also love seeing the green grass HA! It's rare here lately. Have a great day

sugarcreekstuff said...

I love your eclectic petting zoo. You can always tell a lot about a person my the company she keeps.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Aaawww! Penne looks so pretty. No wonder Koo is enamored of her!

Was it easy to give her a trim?

I'm going to be giving Cataleya, our female llama a trim in April or May. I'm a little worried about it. She's so sweet, but she's not crazy about being her wool being futzed around with.
Good thing, though. I've been handling her legs and feet almsot every day, and she is relaxed about me doing it now.
So hopefully nail trimming won't go as awful as it did with Catlinite (remember?) ack!

On another note, your goats are so attractive! I never thought much about goats, but now I know how much fun they are.

I may be coming home with a new goat, a Nigerian wether kid, tomorrow!

goatgirl said...

Farmgirl_dk, there is no way you are going to flunk the rescue test. They will be thrilled to have you keep the donkeys. I'm thinking of sending you a goat or two myself:)
The chicks are great. Every time I look in on them I am startled by how much they have changed. My brooder is getting too small for them. I am expecting my Light Brahma and Speckled Sussex chicks to be here tomorrow.
Good luck next week but you won't need it. They are going to love you and Critter Farm.

Sea2shore, We have an invisable sign out front that says "Dump animals here"
As for the green grass, that was taken last night and today it snowed! It was beautiful, but this is Washington and for us it's a treat.
I am glad you enjoy the pictures. I am hinting for a new camera for my birthday.

sugarcreekstuff, Thank you, I call it my own personal petting zoo. I love a petting zoo with a different animal in every pen. I'm an animal observer.

twinville, It was pretty easy to trim her. I have the chute so I just tied her up in it and went to work. She did fidget quite a bit and hated her back legs touched. She really just tolerates grooming. With Koo I use the chute and have to put a horse cinch under him so he doesn't lay down.
Thank you about the goats. They are very colorful and fun. They have great personalities that I am sure you are seeing in your goats.
I hope you get the Nigerian. They are friendly little goats and it would be a good companion for Pepper.

Anonymous said...

Dotty is cute. I have Snowball that was put out on our country road when she was a tiny tiny thing.
Ruckus is cute too, so is Penne(with the new hairdo) and Koo looks like Jack admiring Belle.
Enjoyed looking at all the critters.
When are your new biddies coming?

goatgirl said...

Biddies should be here tomorrow...I think.