Monday, March 17, 2008

The Good Good Pig

From the pages of The Good Good Pig by Sy Montgomery

Christopher Hogwood knew how to relish the juicy savor of this fragrant, abundant, sweet green world. To show us this would have been gift enough. But he showed us another truth as well. That a pig did not become bacon but lived fourteen years, pampered and adored till the day he died peacefully in his sleep - that's proof that we need not "be practical" all the time. We need not accept the rules that our society or species, family or fate seem to have written for us. We can choose a new way. We have the power to transform a story of sorrow into a story of healing.
We can choose life over death. We can let love lead us home.

I loved this so much I wrote it down. It spoke to me.



I loved what you wrote! I agree! We need to set our own course in life and not follow the crowd. Because the world speaks to each of us in a different way. When we try to be like everyone else or to be what we think is expected of us, we lose ourselves. And we lose the excitement of "our" journey.

Danni said...

This is a wonderful passage. I need to read this book. It's so easy to forget sometimes that it is possible to go our own way and that it DOES make a difference...but it takes courage to go in a direction different from the firmly established "rules of society". Here's to more courage on all our parts. :-)