Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Never Leave A Chihuahua Unattended, Revisited

Solomon, true to his Mexican heritage, loves the sun. The hotter the better for him. As it tops 100 degrees this week there is no panting coming from this little dog. He appears to be saying, "Finally someone got the weather right."
He loves to sneak out the door and find a place to worship the sun. In years past this wasn't such a problem, this year it is a huge problem.
This picture was taken in my front yard.

Our trees are covered with the symbol of America.

At any given time my yard can have up to 10 eagles in the trees and our yard is covered with feathers. I think it is illegal to posses eagle feathers. If that's the case my lawn is in trouble.

Although salmon is their food of choice, I'm worried a young eagle might sample a Solomon snack. I can think of no worse demise then being plucked from the yard while you are sunbathing.

No longer endangered they have recovered rapidly...thank goodness.

Unless you are a little Chihuahua that lives to worship the sun.


Kelly said...

When I lived in Florida a had a sweet little 4.5lb poodle that also loved the sun. We had chicken hawks that would swoop down. She was never allowed in the yard unsupervised. Tell Soloman to watch out for shadows!

Holly said...


that is an..ummm...errrr...


scary thought.

Marigold said...

The Cabrarator can sympathize with Solomon. I hope no one arrests your yard.

Mindy said...

Oooooo! You made my heart stop!

Carla said...

Hello, I wandered in from another blog. Can't even remember which one at this point.

Boy, no kidding about watching your little Solomon! We visited Orcas Island last summer and were lucky enough to have a nesting pair of eagles on the property where we were staying.
I hope you come up with a solution, should the eagles ever want a little variety in their diet!

Terry Golson said...

I have a chihuahua mix. He also loves to sunbathe and doesn't know when to stop. He got heat stroke last week. Vomited. Tremors. He recovered in about 3 hours with lots of TLC. We used to joke about his love of "frying his brain" but now we don't let him.

Heide said...

Maybe you could tie sandbags to his ankles or attach him to a harness and leash, complete with bells to sound the alarm should one of the raptors take a fancy to sample dog.

goatgirl said...

Kelly, The chickens watch for shodows, why not Solomon.

Holly, I know! Believe me I thought about it.

Marigold, I must go out in the yard and destroy the evidence.

Mindy, Did It start back up?

Welcome CeeCee, I'm glad you came by!

Oh my goodness Terry I never thought of that. Glad your little dog recovered.

Heide, Great idea! I'll tie a rock around his neck:)

Vickie said...

Goodness gracious! My little chihuahua Bug loves to sunbathe, too. I've tried to warn her - we have hawks and owls around our place. I have to really watch her when she goes out to potty. Your's is a cutie!

Carolina Trekker said...

My brother lives in the country in Ohio. One day he was sitting in a lawn chair out in his yard and something dropped out of the sky and landed near him. It was a small dog. A large Hawk or Eagle flew away. Luckily the dog had a tag on it's collar & he was able to reunite it with its owner.

goatgirl said...

Thanks Vickie. Bug...what a cute name!

Carolina, That's a great story with a happy ending. You never know what you are going to see living in the country.
Today I was down at my farm and heard incoming aircraft...it was that loud...but it was two eagles swooshing in. They were fighting and the wind their wings made was incredible. I'll be watching for incoming dogs from now on.