Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Tale Of Jack Rabbit

Jack Rabbit was one of the favorite animals with the kids here on the farm. Notice I said was. That's because he is here no longer.
The last time my nephew was here he was holding Jack and like most rabbits Jack started to kick. My nephew put him down and he hopped under the woodpile. Now normally that's no big deal, Jack had been loose before.

This time I couldn't catch him. Still that didn't alarm me because he stayed very close and my property is all fenced. I had to get to work so I left Jack out figuring I would get him when I got off. When I got off work he was hopping around the pasture only to dive under the woodpile again. I figured that the next time I saw him out I'd block the hole he was diving into.

I never saw him again.

I knew he had become the victim of some predator looking for a meal. I felt very bad because he was such a good bunny and probably one of the prettiest rabbits I'd ever seen.

The other day I was talking to my neighbor and we chatted about the coyotes and their pups that lived on the hill. She was telling me that the coyote pups had a ball that they were playing with. How cute is that. So I told her that I thought that the coyotes had eaten poor Jack Rabbit. A strange look came across her face. She asked what he looked like. I told her he was the most beautiful bunny with gray symmetrical spots all over his white body.

Her reply, "Well you didn't look very hard for him."

Apparently he had hopped across the street to her farm and thinking someone had dumped him they put him in one of their fancy horse stalls for two weeks all the while feeding him carrots and hay and asking around if someone wanted a rabbit. Since she had no takers she took him way out to the Puyallup Bunny Rescue where he was sure to get a good home. While I am relieved he wasn't a coyote dinner I am sad that he is not mine anymore.
I just assumed that he had been eaten so I didn't look....and you know what they say about assuming.

The strange part of this story is that being a craigslist junkie I saw Jack advertised on there several weeks after he disappeared and before I had talked to the neighbor. I thought to myself that that bunny looked just like Jack but since it was across the Narrows Bridge it couldn't possibly be my bunny. Assuming again....and you know what they say about assuming.

Missing a bunny and wanting a lop I found a darling bunny (on craigslist) not too far from home and brought him here just in time for my nieces' and nephews' visit today. He was a hit. Kids love a bunny.

So meet Sweet Pete. Sweet because his mom's name is Sweet Pea and Pete because his dad is Peter. And sweet he is. It took him a few days to wake up... it's been hot hot hot here but he is becoming very friendly and funny. Maybe not as flashy as Jack but oh so sweet.


Marigold said...

Are you sure it is a bunny? He is the same color as the horse after all.

goatgirl said...

Yes he is. And very close to the color of a PEANUT.
BTW Marigold, I was at Costco and bought my goats a huge bag of know the Costco size. I had never given them peanuts before but you inspired me.
Well everyone likes the peanuts. It's almost dangerous getting near the pig girls with one. Have you ever seen a pig climb a fence? I have and it's not pretty.

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Ooohh, Sweet Pete looks just like Sweetie Pie's new bunny. I wonder if they're brothers? Assuming gets us into all sorts of prediciments, doesn't it? You can check that lesson off your list now, right?

goatgirl said...

Clare, Sweet Pete came from Olalla. Wouldn't that be funny if they are brothers.
And yes...checking that off my list.

Holly said...

heavens! You are becoming color coordinated!

cute bun!

Danni said...

Wow. I just had no idea where this story was leading me when I started it. I was getting really worried, but then, like every good tale, the twist caught me and I was surprised.
Did you happen to call the rescue to see if they'd give you your Jack back?
Sweet Pete is a cutie pie! And look how well he matches Sunny!

frugalmom said...

Sweet Pete is just adorable. Looking at the picture you wanna just scoop him up and hold him all day.

That story had me on the edge of my seat the whole time.

Do the llamas like him?

Helaine said...


I am so glad he is doing well with you and the assorted animals. I still have 2 more left if anyone else here is interested :D

I enjoyed your story but knew where it was going.