Friday, July 24, 2009

Getting Jack Back

After reading farmgirl's comment about Jack I was inspired to check out the bunny rescue groups and this is what I found.

That's him all right but what caught my eye is the description,

"Gryffin was abandoned after being poorly cared for and was rescued by a good samaritan and brought to us for care"

"He was not taken care of in his past"

Are you kidding me? This rabbit went from my farm where he had wonderful care to my neighbor's farm where he lived in a huge box stall with all the food he could want to the bunny rescue. He has never known a day of neglect.

Is this just rescue group sensationalism?

I wrote to them (they didn't list a phone number) explaining the situation and said I would be happy to pay for his neuter but I want my rabbit back. I told them that he had never been neglected or abandoned. Just a mistake made by an 8 year old boy led him into these circumstances. Anyone here who's never made a mistake with an animal raise your hand.

As far as I can tell this group also insists that the bunnies be kept as house bunnies. Once again...are you kidding me?
I had a lop in the house years ago but for the most part have kept my bunnies outside. Rabbits are outside animals and have been for most of their existance. It is only in the last 25 years or so people have been keeping them as house pets. If I was going to bring everyone in the house why stop at the bunny? Why not bring in the goats and llamas?

Can you tell I'm mad? I am mad because they are sensationalizing. Acting like their way is best. Sure rescue groups do great things but beware they can be radical and out of touch with reality.
If only Jack could talk...he would tell them, "I want to go home."
To be continued........


Heidi said...

OH - rescues are $$ makers at times, make no mistake about that!! They prey on peoples emotions and little else. Not all places are like that, but boy I have seen my fare share of them! Good luck getting him back - hope the resuces gets their crap straight!!!

Danni said...

Unbelievable. I also can't believe that it cost them $65 to neuter him, can you?
Well, bottom line, Jack is fine and they'll hopefully return him to his rightful owner a.s.a.p. This is what's most important. Good luck and speedy return, Jack!

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

You are expected to sign a disclaimer that you will play by their rules to get your own bunny back? That stinks. You go gettim'.

Heide said...

That really pisses me off! When we lived in Spanaway we adopted a kitty who had been found living at gas station (now I question that past). Echo was wonderfully sweet, but he was NOT an inside kitty. We tried to keep him inside, but the best we could do was to bring him in at night and tolerate his yowling when he longed to go out after dark. After about a year Echo was tragically ran over at dusk. He was still warm when I found him. We contacted the adoption agency and they refused to let us have another animal because we "neglected" the first one and they put us on a list saying we couldn't adopt from them ever again. If memory serves it was an organization called Kitty Haven. So, rather than letting us pay to take another homeless cat out of foster care they listed us as bad owners and kept all of their cats. I think you should contact the local news stations regarding this special situation. Extreme Animal Groups will end up driving potential families away with these types of tactics. I have my paws crossed that Jack comes back to you... with his nuffies intact.

goatgirl said...

Thank you everyone for being so "up in arms" as I am. It is not that I don't respect their work, it's just that they are making things up to prey on people's feelings.
When I look at the pictures of him under their care and the pictures of him under my care I see that he is so much healthier and cleaner in my pictures. My son said no one could ever look at my pictures and say he was not cared for.
Speaking of my son...he tried to adopted a dog from a rescue group several times but they turned him down so he ended up getting a puppy from a pet store. This is a young man that showed dogs in 4H for years. His dogs now are pampered members of the family. They travel every where with him and goldilocks and get the best of care but he wasn't good enough to rescue a homeless dog...Are you kidding me?

Helaine said...

The price of neutering him is cheap, I had been quoted between $125 and $250. I hope your able to get him back but they may not let you have him since they think you treated him bad

Holly said...

oh boy.....I have a negative thing about rescues. I *did* rescue for many many years. I STILL have people calling me to see if I have any dogs available. But guess what, rescue wouldn't even consider me because I live in town and work for a living, and here is the clencher....I live alone so the dog would be alone for more than 4-5 hours. What?! They sleep while I'm gone. If I don't work, how am I suppose to buy dog food? Or pay for the vet? Or put gas in the car that takes them everywhere?????

I am not a big fan of rescues OR shelters. We have 4 (?) in our area and only one of them would even consider me....*stops to spit bad taste out of mouth*.

I have the feeling that some rescues masquerade under that banner are actually legal horders.

If they won't *sell* you your bunny back, ask a friend to go get him. Then let them take the friend to court. Or if that doesn't suit, I'll fly out and do it....let 'em file on me across the nation.

*tosses down gauntlet*

Holly said...

PS. If preying on the emotions of people is the only way to place their animals......what does that say about them?

Lisa said...

I think we should go all Elian Gonzales on them and break in and get Jack at gun point.

I live on a dirt road and I can't even count the number of kitties that have been dropped off here, that I have to gather up and take to the shelter. Because of that, I am not allowed to adopt from the Humane Society. It's ridiculous.

Good luck and I so hope Jack comes home.

goatgirl said...

You are right Helaine that is fairly cheap as my vet does it for $125. I have no problem paying Jack's expenses. But I won't jump through their hoops to get MY bunny back.
I have written two emails to them explaining the situation. Let's hope they are all about reuniting a lost pet with it's owner.

Marigold said...

Oy,Oy Boy, Oy Boy!!!

DebH said...

Good Grief!! Unbelievable is all...and the organization says it is doing good things?? That is not surprising though, our own humane society is run by some city girls who have never been touched by true farm life. It is nice that they are caring and try..but it is pretty superficial and truly an animal should have some basic rights to some freedom. I sure hope you can educate some folks and let them realize that making up a scenario to benefit themselves should be a crime. When they play on innocent good hearted souls to trust in a story and use that ploy to encourage people to donate or help and be taken advatage of is simply a Crime! Best of Luck!!

goatgirl said...

After recieving an email from the gal that has Jack, I have pretty much decided not to go through the hassle of getting him back. She won't even talk to me about returning him if I won't agree to keep him in the house or consent to a home visit so they can bunny proof my home. I wouldn't agree to keeping him in the house and won't lie about it so I haven't heard back from her. She also wanted to know about my nephew and if he would be around the bunny. Stupid radical bunny woman! Hasn't she ever visited the bunny barn at the fair? All those poor mistreated outside bunnies that are raised by kids! The outrage.

Danni said...

(shaking my head) This is absolutely absurd.
Good job for keeping your cool. I'm not sure I would've been able to.

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Isn't there someone this could be reported to? Aren't they governed by something, or do they just get to make their own rules?


goatgirl said...

A neighbor suggested that I call the Humane Society and that they would help me. But I am going to just let it go and give all my bunny love to Sweet Pete. Now that I have him I would need to get another cage and water bottle anyway.
I just am bothered by the fact that they will only adopt to people that keep rabbits in the house. I guess I'm just a farm girl that has spent a lot of time at the fair.
Any of my friends that have outdoor bunnies take excellent care of them and they live good long lives. Heck where did bunnies come from anyway?
My favorite saying is- There is more than one way to go through life. I think that should apply to bunnies too. And anyone that knows me knows I HATE being told I'm wrong.
Have a good life Jack Rabbit.

Kelly said...

I think all rescue organizations work like this. Sorry that Jack has to spend time away from his farm.

Anonymous said...

Free Jack!
Let's make picket signs. Alright, I'm calmer now.
Living in a rural area we have cats and kittens dropped off constantly here.
We have dog packs that we have to watch for that are capable of killing our calves and goats.
There is no animal shelter at all in our county and I have to go to the next county to drop off the animals. The same shelter I adopted BoDog from.
They wanted to try and not take the last kittens. I was not calm about it. I had called beforehand and they agree to take them. Then when I arrived with 5 cats they changed their mind.
I even told them I was going to blog about them.
I told them they didn't deny me when I was adopting pets from their or the money they charged for it.
I understand they are overcrowded and wish I could keep all the animals that are put out here, but we can't keep them all(I am told)
Finally after a donation, they took the poor little kitties.
What we need in this area is a low cost spay and neutering program.

Anyway, I am pulling for you and Jack. Hope he gets home soon!

goatgirl said...

Stay tuned......this isn't over yet.