Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Died And Went To Heaven

I died and went to heaven today only to be sent back to where I came from. Heaven is a 400 acre farm on the shores of the beautiful Puget Sound. I went there to pick raspberries for jam.

A couple of weeks ago while getting hay I traded one of those street-sweeper brushes that cows and horses like to scratch on for raspberries. Hubby (the collector of junk) brought the brush home thinking I would like it for my animals. I might of if it wasn't the color of a bright blue tarp and an eye sore. I am trying to rid my place of eye sores and every time I turn around he is bringing another one home. It looked like something an inquisitive goat could poke an eye with...and get an eye sore.
So I jumped at the chance of getting it a good home and getting my berries for jam as well.
I had really wanted to take goldilocks to pick berries and teach her how to make freezer jam but it didn't work out. It was raining on the day we had made arrangements to go so we decided to go to Forks and look for vampires instead. Now there's another story! We never got back over while goldilocks was here.
I went today and was in heaven....for about 2 hours. The farm is 400 acres of pristine forests, pastures, ponds and proper barns all cozied up to the beautiful saltwater that is part of a network of waterways called Puget Sound. Bought during the Depression for $4.00 an acre for the waterfront and $2.00 an acre for the back lands it is now owned by a very wealthy businessman well known in this part of the country.

I was met by the woman who's family manages the farm. I asked if I had died and gone to heaven. She said no. If I was in heaven I wouldn't have to pick my own berries and she sure hopes in heaven she doesn't have to weed or prune. I have news for her. I think that God thinks that weeding and pruning is good for the soul.
I picked a bucket full of berries while I listened to the hens in the hen house announce their laying of eggs. The roosters crowed and the birds sang. Every once in a while a cool breeze blew in from the water to refresh my sweaty face.
To this farm girl it was truly heaven on earth.


@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Oh, Man! Where is this Wendy? I must visit! What a piece of heaven that is!

Anonymous said...

Heaven will include berries, I am certain of that. As for weeding...only as much as is good for the should and not bad for the back.

Anonymous said...

oops soul.

Danni said...

What? It's not owned by Gates, is it? It is simply lovely. What a location...incredible. Did they have other animals there besides chickens? Forks, huh? I think you had a better chance of finding vampires in the Columbia Gorge, since that was where most of the filming took place. Then you could've come and see me. :-)

goatgirl said...

Clare, It is very close by and gem of a place. I lvoe my quest for hay every year. I get to see some of the most beautiful farms.

Carolyn, I get my best thinking done when weeding. I tasted a Tay berry yesterday...it was heavenly...although don't tell my dentist. I am in the middle of whitening my teeth and am not suppose to eat anything that stains. I'll be the gal with the purple teeth.

farmgirl,Nope not owned by Gates although he does have a family compound not far from here on Hood Canal.
I saw horses and sheep also. Funny though I saw no dog. Shouldn't every farm have a farm dog?
Columbia Gorge huh. We wondered where it was filmed since the only thing we saw from the movie was the sign for the high school. It was pretty lame but I am glad that it has brought tourists to this small town.
It was a beautiful drive and we got to drive through the county that my son's best friend since kindergarten is now a sheriff. He was on duty so met us for a quick hello. I tried to talk him into tasering Hubby but he wouldn't do it.
I would love to come visit you sometime!

Marigold said...

Dear goatgirl,
I can not believe you went to Forks and didn't stop by to meet me in person. No Peanuts for you!

goatgirl said...

Marigold, I know! I really should have. If I come to the lavender festival this weekend I surely will.

Heide said...

Sigh, thank you for sharing the journey with us. I love the ocean and farms.

dina said...

I think that that farm should be mine. Yeah, I've thought about it... uh huh! I'm pretty sure it has my name on it - somehow, someway!

Gosh - I love the Sound! I miss it so!

What a beautiful, wonderful, lovely way to spend a day. Thank you so much for sharing!

frugalmom said...

It is beautiful. I didnt see any llamas tho.

goatgirl said...

You're welcome Heide

Dina, I was thinking the same thing. I wondered what it would be like to own such a wonderful place. But really, could we afford the property taxes?

frugalmom, no llamas but I promise you a llama story real soon.