Thursday, April 9, 2009

Making A Pig Of Themselves

One thing for sure about Cora Belle and Filbert is they are friendly. I have been complaining to them about jumping up on me, usually after they have stepped in something disgusting. They jump on the front of me and they jump on the back and unlike a dog they don't care about any of my training techniques. So yesterday morning when I went down to feed something was amiss. Cora Belle and Fil were not underfoot. They were hanging back and looking rather dejected. I noticed Cora Belle had some vomit around her lips and down her legs. She was grinding her teeth and bleating pitifully. Oh no! She had gotten into something and by the looks of Filbert he had followed suit. I just couldn't imagine what they could have gotten into. My mind raced through all kinds of scenarios. The hay was bad. The hay had something poisonous in it. Someone fed them something through the fence. They were getting sick like Moly. I scoured their pasture for any sign of something that could have made them sick. Nothing. And none of the other goats were sick. What could it be?
So I got out the baking soda and put them in the milking stand and gave them a soothing soda drench. Maybe not so soothing but I managed to get enough down them after quite a struggle (good, they had plenty of strength left). I rubbed their tummies and sympathized with them. They went back to their stall and laid down moaning softly to themselves. My poor babies. What could they have gotten into?
Then it dawned on me. The evening before I had let the goats out into the main field to browse around while I was feeding. I had also let the chickens out to scratch around while I was there. I went into the feed shed to do something and awhile later when I came out Cora Belle and Filbert were in the chicken coop helping themselves to an all you can eat chicken pellet buffet. I had left the door open! I drug them out and never gave it another thought until yesterday when I spent all day racking my brain on what they could have eaten. Oh yeah, the chicken food, and obviously a lot more than I thought. While a normal amount probably wouldn't have made them sick, they must have been in there longer than I thought not eating a normal amount but making pigs of themselves.
After worrying about them all night, I was anxious to check on them this morning. As I walked up to the field, out jumped Cora Belle and Fil from their stall. They planted their two front feet on my clean jeans and said with bright eyes, "Hey, what's for breakfast?"
I was never so happy to have goat prints on my pants.


Anonymous said...

Goats love

I'm glad yours are OK.

My crazy girls have got into feed more than once. Luckily I found them early both times. Now I lock the garage door instead of just shutting it tight.

Tricky goats have learned to turn a door knob!

Holly said...

oh my goodness I am glad they are ok!

Danni said...

Yay, Cora Belle and Filbert - you silly goats. I'm so glad they're feeling better! I'm guessing, though, that you're probably the only one who learned anything from this experience. Given the opportunity, they'd probably gorge again, right? :-) :-)

goatgirl said...


Marigold said...

For Goats' Sake don't leave any Peanuts lying about. On second thought, I'd be glad to take care of that for you. I am glad, however, they are all right. I guess one can not expect any less of them when their mother is Hannah Belle, huh?

Tracey said...

So glad they are ok!
Happy Easter!

brokenteepee said...

Goats and grain! We love grain to the point of making ourselves sick. I am glad your goaties are feeling better. Our Luke did that once...baaaaad Luke.