Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lesson Learned

Once I decide something I don't waste any time in getting it done. Last night I had pretty much decided that I needed to find a new home for the lambs. I was learning that I am not a sheep person but a goat girl through and through. I am very glad that there are sheep people out there or I wouldn't have my lovely wool to make my felted hats. I am just not one of them.
I used to think that I had to keep an animal until it died or I wasn't a responsible pet owner but I have since learned that there are lots of wonderful people out there that might be a better fit for the animal and have had some lovely experiences placing an animal with someone that is a better fit. I used to think that I was the only one that could take care of it really well. Not true of course. As long as I followed my gut when I talk to the person. If my gut says no...I say no.
This morning when I got up I listed the lambs on craigslist and within 2 minutes had two wonderful replies. The first gal, Stephanie, wanted a companion for Coco her Katahdin wether that she kept for a pet. He walks on a leash and is used every year in the living Nativity at their church. She has horses and a donkey also. She was very excited and came out right away to meet Lucy. I had originally said that they all had to go together but since she had Coco I thought Lucy would be happy with him. I liked Stephanie right away and Lucy did too.
The next lady, Tammy, called and wanted some Katahdins for her small farm. She wanted hair sheep for low maintenance. An experienced sheep keeper, she hadn't had sheep in years and really wanted some to keep the lawn and pastures down. She also has horses, dogs and chickens. She was unable to come see them because her mom was flying in from New Mexico but said she will call back in a couple of days when her mother leaves. We shall see if she calls back but with loud mouth Lucy gone peace has been restored to the farm.
So you see it is not such a bad thing to place an animal in another home. It's just sharing the love.


Lisa said...

If you love someone let them go...

...then change your phone number, paint your house a different color, dye your hair, get glasses, rent some kids and deny you ever owned sheep.

If you need back up, I'll write a reference letter that you're my aunt's sister's niece twice removed and you are highly allergic to wool-gives you hives like crazy. Nope, she never owned no stinking sheep. Impossible. did the right thing. But do you think she needs a mean little silkie rooster with two missing toes?


Danni said...

Wow - you really do move fast. But good for you, it was clearly time. And I have no doubt that if this hadn't been the absolutely "right" person for Lucy, you never would've let her take her.
Will you keep in touch with Stephanie? Will we ever learn whether Lucy kept up her chatty ways? And, very important...will she keep the name "Lucy"? :-)

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Life on a farm evolves, Wendy, and you do what you need to do to keep things in sync with what you can life with.

Glad Lucy found a good home, and glad we got to see her before she departed!

goatgirl said...

Once again Lisa...very funny. About the rooster, just list him on craigslist. You know what they say, there is someone for everyone:) Someone out there pining for a two missing toed mean rooster.

Farmgirl, I don't know if we will keep in touch. I am going to send her some of Lucy's baby pictures.
And I think she was the right person. I really liked her and Lucy kept running up to her for pets. Lucy would bypass me for her. Now that's telling.

Clare, A farmer would sure poo poo me for sure with all my sentimentality (is that a word?)
I am glad you got to meet her too. Sweetie Pie said she was her favorite...but she didn't see her loud side.

frugalmom said...

Talk about fast. Following your instincts is a great thing. And like Danni said, had you not felt this was the right person for Lucy, you wouldnt have let her go.

She had a great home there with you and now she will move on to new and different things.

Holly said...

Lisa that is funny!

I am all about finding the right fit for my animals. Sometimes I am the right fit, but there are times when they need to go somewhere else to be happy and appreciated.

Everyone needs their own pet and every pet needs their own person. My BO sold her 5 year old Quarter Pony mare because she needed to be someones pony. She needed a person to call her own.

So don't feel bad, it was good for all!

goatgirl said...

frugalmom, I did feel real good about his lady. I liked her right away and Lucy kept coming up to her..not me. See what happens when you get old? You learn to make decisions fast...times a wastin'

Holly, I agree. I have had some great positive experiences placing animals. When I was showing Flat Coats I bought a puppy that ended up having luxating patellas and I couldn't show her. We had the surgery done and I couldn't fathom finding her a better home than ours when at an obedience trial my husband overheard an older couple looking for a young Flat Coat since theirs had just died. They had had him for 14 years. Hubby kept encouraging me to talk to them about Raven. So I did. They came over the next day and that started a long time friendship with them and Raven. She went home with them and a week later when I paid them a visit there was Raven inside their beautiful home, on the white carpet, and the happiest dog I had ever seen. 10 years later I got a call from the lady. Both her and her husband were dying of cancer and would I take Raven back. Raven was now about 12 and I said yes that I would. That weekend while my husband and son were in Seattle at a Seahawks game they stopped by the couple's house to pick up Raven. My husband said that was the hardest thing to do.
Raven lived the rest of her life with us.
I don't know why I said all that...I just thought of it I guess.

Danni said...

Oh my gosh .... that story is wonderful and terribly heartbreaking at the same time. I love how you care for your animals. As you know, I've got an enormous soft spot for Flat Coat Retrievers.... I'll bet Raven was a beauty.

Gone2theDawgs said...

It takes living with something (one) for me to realize if it's going to work or not. I don't have any problem letting go...I just make every effort to make sure it is the best home possible. (Want a Narragansett turkey pair?) :)

goatgirl said...

Wrensong, I think I just saw your turkeys on craigslist:)

goatgirl said...

Farmgirl, Raven was a very pretty girl although a bit clumsy which made it all the more funny that she lived in a house with white carpets and glass tables. Their yard, in the city, was like a botanical garden on 2 acres. She was in heaven.
You know well how charming a Flat Coat can be.
Hope you are enjoying your goaties!

goatgirl said...

The brown lambs went today. A very nice lady came over and was thrilled to have a small sheep herd again.

Danni said...

Yay - a happy ending for all. did this FAST! :-)
Do you regret the experience now?
I'm guessing not, even though it did take up a lot of your time (not to mention how much of that time was spent in your green bathroom). LOL

goatgirl said...

farmgirl, although they were very cute I knew I shouldn't have gotten them a few weeks into it. They were fun to bottle feed all right...and take to school so no regrets.