Friday, April 17, 2009

New Neigh-bor

Look what the neighbor has............

She was born yesterday.

Her name is Annie.

She is so tiny.

She will never win a conformation class.

But she wins hands down in the cutest little horse around class.

I think I will go look at her every day.

You know I want one of these but I must control myself.

She got all tuckered out posing for her pictures.


Stephanie said...

You should ask your neighbor if you can borrow that cute little baby for your petting zoo!

goatgirl said...

Goldilocks, I know!

Holly said...

You have one of them....a cute little blond bombshell!

But she is adorable.

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

How very cute! Just want to cuddle her, don't you? She'd probably fit in your lap, too!

Danni said...

Gosh, was it a prerequisite to have a mini-horse in order ot live in your neighborhood??? If not, what are the chances there'd be others so close to you? I don't think I'd ever seen a mini-horse close up until you got Sunny.

And I really think Sunny needs a pal, don't you? This lil one would totally fill the bill. What a sweetie pie.
With her knees like that, will this give her trouble later?

goatgirl said...

Holly, Yes I do have a blond bombshell and he has turned into a very nice boy. His personality has come out and I am enjoying it very much but....that baby is too cute for words.

Clare, I want to pick her up soooo bad. Maybe they will let me if I ask really nice.

Farmgirl, I live in a very horsey neighborhood. There are a few mini horses in the general area. They are very popular in Washington, I think.
One day I was walking Sunny on the street and the neighbor girl saw him and went wild. Since she is an overindulged kid, she had two mini horses a few days later. And one was pregnant. Annie is the baby.
And I don't think I have ever seen the girl fooling with them now. They live in a tiny muddy pasture. But they are keeping Annie.
On her knees.....Hopefully they will straighten a bit but that is why conformation is so important and why people breed for good conformation (obviously these people didn't). It may seem silly to some people thinking it is only for looks but it really is for function and the animals being able to hold up in the long run. I imagine sometime down the road if they don't straighten it will cause her some problems. I'm not sure I've ever seen knees that bad.

I had my friend approach me about a mini mare that is only 28 inches that the woman wanted to give to someone. I said sure I'd look at it but when the gal told her the lady got very emotional and said she wasn't ready so we let it go. The other day my friend saw the lady at a restaurant and they talked about me and the mini. My friend told her to read my blog and see for herself what kind of life the little girl would live. She knows I am not looking for one but I would consider the little mare for Sunny's companion so we shall see. I am a firm believer in if it's meant to be it will happen. Although I have to say Sunny doesn't care if he has a companion or not. They took his girlfriend Tipperary Dream back to the race track for the season and he didn't even bat an eye. Fickle boy.

Marigold said...

My goodness. Doesn't Sunny need a girlfriend? :)

Gone2theDawgs said...

TOO CUTE! Makes you want to kiss her on that soft little nose doesn't it?!

goatgirl said...

I got to kiss her on her sweet little nose yesterday.

Tracey said...

Awww thanks....just what I needed...a dose of that precious baby!