Thursday, April 9, 2009

You Pig


Anonymous said...

Oh, She is so cute. I miss them so. Thanks for sharing. We hope to get out to see you both and all the animals soon. Things with my dad has calmed down so maybe we can go visit soon.- Tabitha, Paul, and girls

goatgirl said...

Tabitha, I am so happy to hear from you. I was hoping you would see the video! The girls are doing great. We love them a lot and they , finally, love us a lot too. They didn't give it away for free, let me tell you. Now they are so comfortable with us and all the other animals. I got some hog panels to make a pen I can move all around the pasture. I put them in and they screamed, "Get us out of here!" Please come see them when you get a chance. I am glad things are going better for your dad.
Hey everyone, Tabitha is the gal I got the pigs from!

Anonymous said...

I so want pet pigs! We had two we raised that, well, let me say they tasted good! But - I keep begging for a pig that we could keep as a pet. I think I will have the hubby on board soon!

Tracey said... cute!