Saturday, March 24, 2012

Skeleton in her Closet

Yes I know you think Cora Belle is perfect. The typical overachiever. But Cora Belle is not quite perfect. In fact she's a bit dysfunctional. She has taken a huge dislike to one of her little daughters. With three of the babies she is June Cleaver, with the little buckskin doeling she's Joan Crawford minus a coat hanger. She just bites ears. Tender young baby ears. Cora Belle won't let Calliope nurse or come into the goat house if she gets caught out. I had to intervene. Now all the babies are in an X-pen and I control the milk bar. Seems to work just fine for both of us.
Cora Belle believes in using playpens with babies.

Now I have two little bummers. What's the world coming to?


Lindsey at NW Backyard Veggies said...

Oh my, those kids are so sweet looking. And really cool coloring!

I like that "I control the milk bar". Nicely played.

petoskystone said...

I had wondered if 4 might be too many for Cora Belle to nurse. Such a sweet little face Calliope has...good thing you're around to be Mama #2 :)

Christine said...

Awww, poor little thing. Isn't mother nature interesting?

Terry Golson said...

Do you have any idea why dear, sweet Cora Belle decides which of the babies to reject? Personality, health, she simply doesn't like the spots?
BTW, I might have to stop reading this blog - I have an intense urge to bring a couple of baby goats home, and I really and truly cannot fit more goats on my property. Really.

Marigold said...

Four is likely too many, of course. But I , too, wonder what it is about one that they pick not to like. I love the coloring. I'm glad that you were smart enough to figure out what to do! Also love the name. Very fitting! Somehow the color reminds me of Willow.

Millie said...

I think I'd be a bit overwhelmed with four of them too. I'm sure she appreciates your help.