Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Llama Training-Day 2

Willow saw the pigs for the first time and didn't freak or sound the alarm. This is big because llamas HATE pigs. It took Koo a long time to get used to the pigs.

She ate a little hay out of my hand. Can't get her to take grain. Still very skittish.


Danni said...

Oh, this sounds so much like my Kai when she first came here. It was a day for celebration the first day she took grain from my hand. I still have picture. :-)
You'll get there. You know you will. Patience, calmness, persistence...you know this stuff.

petoskystone said...

As skittish as Willow is, she surprises me that she gets so close to you so soon. A good sign, yes? Is Willow used to eating grain at all?

Marigold said...

This is like the Goatmother's stupid wild ducks. She has gotten 1 (out of about 50) who will take grain out of her hand. But, hay, it will happen! She is so, so pretty!