Thursday, December 1, 2011

If I had to lose......

I'm glad it was to Cale. Congratulations to Cale Johnson, a sweet young man, for winning the Manna Pro homestead makeover. When I saw his video I knew I was doomed. He is a great example of what I have been telling people all along....get your kids involved in 4H. I work with kids that have trouble making friends and I always talk about getting them involved in a 4H where they can be around other kids, learn how to talk to people, and learn a bunch of life skills too numerous to list, all centered around a project they are interested in. Of course I love the animal projects because it teaches kids to be responsible but there are so many others. It really takes the pressure off to be around other kids with similar interests in a structured environment and not just winging it on your own on the playground-a scary place for a lot of kids.
So hats off to Cale. You are a fine example of what's right with kids today.

Thanks to everyone who viewed my video and left comments. It was by far the most viewed video! Thanks to Mary for all her hard work making it. I will cherish it forever!

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Marigold said...

Oh, darn. Well, congratulations to Cale. Did you at least get any consolation prize Peanuts?