Friday, August 13, 2010

White Pony

I saw a white pony on craigslist. It had the glowing description of a perfect party pony. And he was all white. With a nice balanced body. Pictures of him being finger painted by a bunch of toddlers sealed the deal for me.
But I had told myself, after Sunny, I would never get another least until I could afford to call the high-priced horse vet out at midnight on Christmas Eve.

I emailed the link to a friend who said...when do we go look at him?

I told her we weren't because I still couldn't afford to call the high-priced horse vet out at midnight on Christmas Eve.

But I kept looking at him.

I showed him to Hubby. Hubby said he didn't want another horse. He didn't even look at the ad. I told him that for sure when I have grandkids I would get a pony to lead them around on. He didn't say a word so I took that as a good sign and looked at the pony again.
I finally emailed the owner with a few questions. I didn't hear back and the ad was taken off.
I had missed my opportunity to get the best pony in the world.

A few days later as I perused craigslist I came across an ad talking about the magnificent white pony and another that had been listed at the same time.
The ad told of going to look at these ponies and the white one bucked, kicked and reared the whole time and the other had locking stifles. They had bought the locking stifle pony without knowing. Apparently I dodged a bullet....or the children I would have put on him did.
Good thing because I still can't afford to call the high-priced horse vet out at midnight on Christmas Eve.


Tonia said...

So did they have it hobbled or drugged up for the kids to finger paint?? I cant stand that when people do that!

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Whew! Close one Wendy! Keep your standards high... and watch out on craigslist!

Anonymous said...

I try and keep away from those picture perfect ads, too.

I could place a couple of ads for some of my confused critters.
1 huge cow named Betsy: Thinks she is going to have a calf any day now. She's had these thought going on 10 months now.

1 goat almost 2 years old that still begs for a bottle. She thinks she is a girly girl. Loves attention and to eat separate from goats.
On second thought..they sound just like the ones I would be looking for!

I just bet you will find the perfect pony when those grandkids come along.
Have a great weekend.

Marigold said...

By the way, there are several for sale in the Peninsula Daily News as 'must sells'.

Holly said...

me, I'd love a rotten to the core little pony. The worse, the more attractive it would be for me.

we would come to an understanding...The Bad Pony and me.