Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Bike

I wanted a bike for my birthday. I want to ride it back and forth to the farm. It has to have a basket to carry my eggs.
Last night we went to look at bicycles. I was excited because, like I told Hubby, I don't ever remember getting my own bike. I usually saved my requests for a new animal. That doesn't mean I didn't ride bikes, I just rode my sisters', my mother's, or even my dad's.
I saw a beautiful red and white Schwinn cruiser at one store. I had Hubby get it down, because there is never anyone to help when you need it, and threw my leg over to ride it up and down the aisles. As I started to pedal I felt like I was on a kid's bike. My knees almost hit the handlebars. I am fairly tall and apparently in the bike world one size fits all. I wobbled up and down the isles and told Hubby that it was just too small....but they didn't have any other sizes.
No one had any other sizes. As I tried out several more bikes at a different store I was horrified that I could no longer ride a bike. I told Hubby I felt all old and rickety.

He said, Ya, he thought that too when he was watching me try to ride.

I couldn't find a bike I liked. I could hardly steer any of them with my knees up into my hands. And the beach cruisers were like choppers with their handlebars all up in the air making steering difficult.

A bit discouraged we went home and decided to pull the old bike off the hangers in the garage. This bike is almost as old as I am. Hubby put air in the tires...a lot of air....and off I went. The bike fit perfect. I felt like I was twelve again riding my dad's bike to Sara's house. Ya it's a boy's bike but I'm not really sure why boys have the bar and girls don't. It hurts just the same when you land on it.

So once again I didn't get my own bike...but it leaves my present open for the new water trough I want.


@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

It looks like a perfect bike, Wendy!! Just add a basket and you're good to go!

I have an old one that looks very similar, with an old bent wire basket on it. It's yard art now.

Marigold said...

Cool. Do you suppose they make bikes for goats?

spinsister said...

congratulations! Now you get two presents!Does a water trough come with a Bow?

sunset pines farm said...

spoken like a true farm girl.

Kathy in KY said...

It looks like a great bike, Wendy. And I like the older ones with the pedal brakes as opposed to the handle bar brakes, have never gotten used to those. And what's up with the knees up the handle bars on these newer bikes -it's very hard to ride that way, I agree with you. Happy riding, and take care, from KY.

Heide said...

I think the bar across the frame on boys' bikes is there to discourage them from doing stupid stuff.

I LOVE your new/old bike. Will you get a trailer to take the critters for a ride too?

goatgirl said...

no Heide, I'll get a basket!

Teresa said...

You know the old saying--they don't make them like they used to. Besides, recycling is a good thing!