Thursday, February 18, 2010


The weather has been beautiful this week and I luckily have the week off. We need a whole week to celebrate those two presidents. With beautiful weather comes a lot of chores. Rake this, shovel that, clean this, hammer that, keeps me in my happy place. I even like saying the word "chore".
But every once in a while I have to sit and just be. I have to just sit still.
If I hadn't been still I wouldn't have seen the big gray squirrel that ventured out and ran the length of the fence lines like a highway.
I wouldn't have seen the chickens all waiting in line to lay their eggs in the chosen box...instead of the three others. I wouldn't have seen Filbert lie down in the grain trough while Cora Belle nibbled on the top of his head.
I wouldn't have seen how pretty Reese looks when she's standing in the sun. All a vampire.
Because I sat really still a flock of chickadees landed in the tree by me and sang a little song. They didn't even notice me.
No pictures......I was very still.


Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful breath of fresh air! Being still is good. I took time last night to let some of the baby goats climb all over me and snuggle in my lap. That was wonderful!

Danni said...

Ahhh...very nice. I kinda felt like I was right there with you, from your description. :-)

Holly said...

Stillness is good.

Stillness + pictues is better

Melodie said...

The magic of farm life!

V.L. Locey said...

Very nicely written, your description made me feel as if I were there as well!

Anonymous said...

Very nice. The images were vivid in my imagination as I read your prose. Thanks for the stillness and the space.


Marigold said...

You need a stump. They are great for being still. If you aren't you fall off.

Sheryl at Providence North said...

What a nice break you had! I love chickadees!

My chickens do that do, funny girls! 19 heans and 10 laying boxes, I get all eggs in the two favorites, always.