Monday, February 8, 2010

He Wore a Raspberry Beret

Rowdy has always had scurs. He has always knocked them off...until now. He grew quite a dashing scur and must have decided to be careful and hang onto this one. I kept hoping I'd go out in the morning and it would be gone. It looks worse than it is. It is not growing in his eye. There is room under it so it's more like a shield. I was on the fence about what to do with it because they can bleed like crazy if you cut them off. So, once again, I was hoping to go out in the morning and it would be gone.
Today we had a nice visit with a real goat vet. That is very exciting because we don't have a goat vet around here. We have very good horse vets but no goat vets, or a good livestock vet for that matter. We were all deemed healthy.
She noticed Rowdy's scur and encouraged me that it was time to take it off. She showed me where to clip it so it wouldn't bleed.
When Hubby got home from work I enlisted his help to be the brawn on the end of the nippers. I put Rowdy in the milking stand and gave him a handful of grain. I showed Hubby where to cut the scur.
He put the nippers on and started to squeeze. Rowdy flew up and went one way and Hubby went the other. He was quite startled to see the whole scur on the end of the nippers and Rowdy back to eating his grain.
I'm going to kind of miss it.


Brenda said...

LOL !! This has happened to me too! My hubby was helping trim a scur off of a doe I was holding still in the milking stand. I also was very surprised to find the whole scur in the nippers. I can imagine the look of surprise on your hubby's face! Probably a lot like the one on mine! I don't think I've ever seen him so speechless! It sounds like Rowdy took it very well.

Holly said...

scur? Gonna have to look that one up. Yet another language to learn!

goatgirl said...

such an ugly word

V.L. Locey said...

That sounds very familiar! Our buck and wether have scurs as well but usually they knock each others loose with all the manly head -butting they do.

Kelly said...

Im glad that all went well and Rowdy is back to his handsome self. I think we have decided not to disbud our kids at all. We have 4 goats with horns and they look fine, act fine, no problems so far.