Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Chickens Of Minter Bay

The chickens have reluctantly moved to a new home. I had noticed that their coop would make a good kidding stall. It is right next to the feed and supply room. Too close for chickens but just perfect for a kidding stall. So I made the girls another pen. It has their food dish and their waterer. It even has their ladder. I coax them with a scoop of grain toward the new pen every afternoon where I lock them up and they fuss and complain. Most times I get them to cooperate but tonight I had two that really wanted back in their old pen.

One, of course, was Ramona the Brave. She is a very smart chicken.

I felt sorry for them and opened the door to the old pen.
They dash inside.
I shut the door.

Really, what's a kidding pen without a couple of hens....beside clean?

As I fed the other animals I listened to Ramona and her friend cackle about the pen's lack of accommodations. No food. No water. And most important of all at this time of the ladder.
They paced.
They squawked.
I opened the door.
They ran as fast as they could around the corner. I followed them wondering where they were going so fast.
I heard them before I saw them. They were making that soft little clucking sound as they settled for the night.
In the new pen.


Marigold said...

Change. It's a hard thing to accept sometimes. Well, really all the time. But, what are you gonna' do? It's the only thing that remains constant.

Holly said...

Well even the THOUGHT of moving makes me uncomfortable so I can totally understand the angst.

V.L. Locey said...

I can understand how they feel, when we moved the last time I swore that I would never move again! =)

Brenda said...

I guess they found out that the old place just wasn't as great as they remembered it being without all their friends and furniture! ;D

Danni said...

That top photo is a gorgeous picture of your girls!