Thursday, January 7, 2010

Batman and Superman

My two great nephews came to the farm on Christmas. The older one calls himself Superman and his little brother Batman. One time I called him by his real name and he said, "Don't you mean Superman?" It was priceless.

Armed with bags of carrots they went down to the farm to meet the animals.

Somehow the pigs ended up with all the carrots.

Where's my carrot?

Follow the leader.



It was a treat to be visited by superheroes on Christmas Day.


Holly said...

what precious little boys!

Marigold said...

They are both cute, but that Batman he has the eyes! I especially love them in that first photo. :)

Melodie said...

What cuties ! I think one of the wonderful bonuses of farm life is when children get to visit!To see them discover and interact with the animals is precious !

V.L. Locey said...

What cuties! It`s good to know you have superheroes to keep your farm safe!

Mom L said...

Your superheroes are super cute! Those eyebrows are amazing - like Jimmy Stewart. My Dad and his brother had arched eyebrows like that, and all through adolescence I pushed mine up trying to force them into delightful arches.

Nancy in Iowa

spinsister said...

wow they sure have their daddy's eye's. Couple of cuties.

Glass Girl said...

They had a wonderful time visiting you and the critters. We are still talking about it!