Monday, September 29, 2008

Storing Up Some Sun

Washington has a reputation for it's rain. Well deserved I might add. We can get weeks of solid rain where you are just running between covers trying to keep your hair dry. That is my main concern. I don't have good hair for rain.

The animals hole up in their shelters waiting for summer, not spring because we have very wet springs too. We generally have rain from October to July. July 5th to be exact.

So on Sunday the sun shown bright and hot. When I went out in the pasture I was shocked to see everyone looking like someone came in and shot them dead. But they weren't dead, they were trying to store up some sun for the upcoming winter.

I didn't have the heart to tell them it wouldn't work. Come November they would forget what this felt like.

Not to worry, July is right around the corner.


Gone2theDawgs said...

I have tried this very seems to only last a day or two for me. Maybe it will last longer for them seeing as they have an abundance of fur/hair to "store" the heat energy. I keep dreading the days of continuous rain and drizzle. sigh.

Holly said...

always the optimist.....

Danni said...

Ah ha ha ha...this is FUNNY....and yes, it totally looked like somebody came in and "shot them dead" (you are FUNNY!!!) - great pics. Sunny is still beautiful.
What kind of personality does the little chap have? Does he love you yet? Has the transition been difficult? It clearly hasn't affected his sleep. :-)

Pamela said...

That is too funny! And the pictures are terrific--Sunny looks like he's smiling to himself.

(Still laughing about you bringing him home in the car!)

goatgirl said...

famgirl, Sunny is such a calm guy. I wouldn't say he loves me yet though. We are getting to know each other. He is definitely a horse, just in a small package. I have been walking him when I go on my walk and got out my dog obedience jumps last night and was jumping him. Training always helps with the bonding process. He does have a look on his face that says, "I think I need to get home now, They'll be wondering where I am." So we need time.

goatgirl said...

I mean't farmgirl but maybe at this point you are in family:)

Pamela, don't remind me. I get a little scared when I think about what could have happened. I am also a little proud that I'm not to old to do something crazy.

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Wendy, you're welcome to load up all the critters and come to the east side of the cascades for abundant sunshine and warmth. I'll share! Everyone does look blissful though, and I've been known to do the same thing... soak it up and store it up. They're absorbing vitamin D, don't ya know? =;)

goatgirl said...

Thanks Clare, I'll see you in November...that is if we can get the ark through the snow.

I talked to your darling granddaughter yesterday and told her about my new horse. She had her hair done for school pictures and was soooo cute. You are one lucky grandma!

Tami Weingartner said...

Cathin' the rays of fall.

Pat said...

Ohhh, I hear you on that one. Here in New England we are trying to do that very thing, only not because of rain, but SNOW. Dang, we have a winter that lasts forever around here. I lived in southern CA for a few years and now have no use for winter except for visits. As soon as I am done with school "I'm outta here!" as the genie once said.

Far Side of Fifty said...

They all look so comfy and relaxed! great blog! :)

Country Girl said...

Great photos, Love em!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bwahaha! The llama teeth just crack me up. Penne looks so darn relaxed out there in the grass.

Don't llamas just make you smile?

Sunny looks like he is completely settled in, like he's lived there with you all his life.

And what a life he's going to have. Awww!

I don't dread the rain because we won't get any now until next July!

What we will get is snow...and lots of it, I hear. And cold. Brrr!

I'd much rather have the rain, I think.
But then there is mud, right?
Well I bought some fun muck boots last year, so bring it on! hehe

Great pics. They made me smile :)


Juri said...

I just stopped by and could not stop reading your blog and looking at all the great pictures!


Marigold said...

Okay, now, just where are the goats? I happen to know, for a fact, that we are sun worshippers!

goatgirl said...

Welcome to my blog Juri!

The goats were there Marigold, it's just that whenever I got near they got up to see if I had any Peanuts.

Marigold said...

Very understandable. Okay, I forgive you. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Goatgirl,
Now here is would be the opposite. My animals would wonder what rain is. I don't think the chickens have hardly seen a real rain.
I love the pictures.

Please send some of that wet stuff this way. It is powder dry.
Have a good day.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I just trotted back over here to tell you thanks for the wonderfully supportive and kind comments you left for me on my blog, concerning my son's injury.
It is much appreciated :)

Take Care,