Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hi Ho Come To The Fair

The state fair is next week and I was planning on showing the lovely Cora Belle but now am not. She is ready but due to a wattle cyst that she has had since birth we are afraid she won't pass vet check. It has grown to be about the size of a pea. We don't know for sure she won't pass but have been told by people that know that she could be turned away at the door. Who needs that? Not the lovely Cora Belle, that's for sure.

Now entering your animal in the fair is no easy task. There are more rules and regulations than you could ever imagine....all designed to keep animals healthy and safe but daunting none the less. I just didn't get my act together in time to have the cyst removed and her left ear re-tattooed. I have been preoccupied with insurance adjusters from our grand theft auto in Sin City.

Talk about complicated!

Cora Belle is perfectly fine with all this. She didn't want to go to the fair anyway. Sure she could show off her beautiful figure but there is Filbert to consider. Who will take care of him in her absence? He would be heartbroken if his Cora Belle, his strength, wasn't with him. He might have to be put in with Moly and Ruckus. Heaven forbid. He would spend three days calling to her, much to the neighbors' dismay. Cora Belle needs to stay home and care for him. He doesn't care if she has a little pea size imperfection.

I will go to the fair anyway. The goatfarmer says I can show Boxcar Betty. Betty is Cora's sister and they are almost twins. I can help and learn all I need to know for next time. And beside I bought a new pair of white pants because one of the rules must wear white. NO SHORTS.

Do you know how hard it is to find white pants, in the fall, and in talls? Complicated.

It's been thirty years since I've shown a goat and I know one thing for sure, it's gotten complicated.
No thank you.....I'd rather stay home.


Pamela said...

I have to agree with Cora Belle--much nicer just to stay home. (laughs)


I love the picture of your little goat. I still think I need a goat in my back yard! I added some pictures of goats to my blog from the Evergreen Fair a week ago. I also have a picture of goats in Italy that Phil is going to add to my blog. I thought you might like to see what Italian goats look like. Sad to say, they look pretty much likes ours. I do have to say, I think I detected an Italian accent when they did their "goat talking."Of course! They're Italian. . . And yes, they do have those dark, sexy Italian eyes that they were continually batting.

goatfarmer said...

damn that is a fine looking goat.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh cool! You're tall, too?
I don't own any white pants either. Unless you buy nursing pants, it's impossible to find them...especially in the Fall.

Good for Corabelle, not having to deal with the noise and crowds, and sick critters at the fair.

I agree it has become so complicated to show any animals at the fairs now.

We were going to show several of our chickens but we needed health certificates, legs bands and then there were parking fees, fair fees, cage/pen/clean-up fees and exhibitor fees! Not to mention having to pay for food while there.

And then IF we won anything, we'd only get maximum $15.00 and a blue ribbon.
Not a very economical decision to show in the fair, that's for sure.

I was totally wiped out after I was ring steward and helped my daughter show Moon Pie at the SouthWest Nigerian Show back in June. It was all day, and it was hot, sweaty, noisy, dirty and crowded.
It cost us $24.00 to do that and we only came home with a couple red ribbons.
I'm glad we did it, but I don't think we'll be doing it again.

Maybe I'm just not that competitive.

Cora Belle is already a winner as far as I can see. She's gorgeous!

Will you be breeding her for a Spring Freshening?

I'm making plans right now to do that with our mini mancha, Latte. We are excited to have fresh goats milk around here :)


Gone2theDawgs said...

I love your photo of Cora Belle! she's a beauty! I always love the looks goats give you when you're taking their picture...."NOW, what are you up to and what is that thing you have in front of your face? Is it edible?" :) I keep thinking I'd like to start showing some of my sheep and chickens at the fair, but I'm not sure they or I could take the pressure! :)

Marigold said...

Hey, ho! Peanut here! That's okay. We KNOW how beautiful our family is and we don't need no stinking judge to tell us that! :)

Alan said...

Our fair is the end of the month. J is taking three dairy goats. Lucky for us C had the foresight to buy white pants in the summer, but the rest of it is a nightmare! She is in the junior fair through 4H so there is lots of "help", but it is still a circus. We have to keep the animals at the fair for a week. She is taking a production doe so we will be milking twice a day at the fair (10 miles away) and at home, plus the milk test, and the day long show. Part of me hopes she doesn't win so we don't have to be at the auction for the sale of champions. Even if you are not selling, if you are a champion you must be there with your animal. At least NAIS hasn't bitten us yet. Lots of luck with the show. Well be looking for the results.

Tracey said...

Love the cute picture of Cora Belle:)
Is it me or is it kind of silly for them to require wearing white pants when showing animals at the fair.....mine wouldn't be white very long....LOL!

goatgirl said...

pamela, yeah I think it must be pretty stressful for the poor animals at the fair. I am such a homebody that I'm sure my animals are too.

Damn right goatfarmer.

chocolate girl I would like to see an Italian goat.

twinville, Cora Belle will be too young this year. I will breed her next year. And yes I am too? It does seem rather silly to go through all that work to show for just a scrap of ribbon. But if you win it does feel good. Just a lot of hoops to jump through to get there. Also they want the goat shaved. Brrrr we are getting some cold nights around here.

tracey, It does seem rather silly but the idea is you are wearing "dairy white" I guess they want you to look like a dairy farmer. Who knows...I think I will ask someone. It is very hard to keep clean and not my best color. And then what color shoes do you wear? White. Oh my, talk about hard to keep clean.

wrensong, thanks for the nice comments about Cora Belle, she is a beauty all right and knows it. I adore her. I feel lucky to have such a nice doe.

damn right Peanut!

Welcome to my blog Alan. You know what I'm talkin' about! I thought that was funny when you said you hoped she didn't win. At times while showing dogs I felt the same because I just wanted to go home.
Good luck at the fair and you can be sure I'll find a story to blog about at our fair.

Danni said...

Oh no! Not a wattle cyst!!! Sorry, I just had to say that. It looks as funny as it sounds, doesn't it? :-) But it sounds like everybody who wants to go to the fair is going to the fair, so it's all working out for everyone. White pants after labor day, huh? What are those state fair folk thinking??!! ;-) Good luck to you, Wendy!

goatgirl said...

Wattle cyst, wattle cyst, wattle cyst.....say that three times fast farmgirl. You crack me up.
And yes, white after Labor Day. No room for fashion at the fair. Maybe I can call it "winter white"

Chanda said...

Good blessings the beautiful Cora Bell. She is a gem. I know about the fair entries too. It is the same song and dance to enter a the horse shows also. To much red tape, but I guess it is for the animals health and safety so its worth it I'm sure. Have a grand ol time at the fair and eat some kettle corn for me could ya??

Country Girl said...

She does look like Oreo.
We went to the fair last week, good times.