Sunday, September 21, 2008

The Bad Bad Pigs

All summer long I have been working on my pasture. I have been raking. I have been mowing and I have been seeding the bald spots. All to achieve a smooth green expanse for my animals to graze on. I love to see them enjoying the fruits of my labor. It also saves on food for the llamas.
But the pigs have taken this a little too far. They too have been using the pasture all summer. Freed from their pen in the mornings they have frolicked (yes pigs frolic) and grazed and occasionally rooted up a dandelion here and there. But no major damage.....until yesterday. I let them out in the morning and a few hours later went to put them back. I was greeted by Fiona with a snout full of dirt. I said, " Hi Fiona, what have you been up to today?" Then I looked up and saw all the damage.

Bad pigs!
And this picture was taken after I filled it in. There are several more places just like this.

They had rooted up my pasture. And not along the sides but right down the middle. Big deep holes. I can only guess they were searching for worms that had crawled to the surface as the soil became moist in the rain. Bad pigs!

Bad Bad pigs!

They have now been sent back to the pen, as in penitentiary. They will only be out under my supervision. We are going to get some panels and make a pen that we can move around and control their rototilling.

They are getting their hair back and feel soft as a kiwi. I liken it to a little boy with a crewcut. You can't help but run your hand over it.....I try to ask first......the little boys that is.

By the way if you haven't noticed, I, at times, make reference to one of my favorite books, The Good Good Pig by Sy Montgomery. If you haven't read it you must.

Even if you don't like pigs.

Yesterday I didn't like pigs.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Too bad you didn't have some of them fancy truffle mushrooms to dig up. Those piggies of yours would be invaluable.

Maybe you could rent them out to folks who need some rotilling done.
Make a little money to replace the grass seed they destroyed. haha

I petted my friend, Linda's Pig, over ta the 7MSN recently, and her hair felt really wiry, not soft at all.

Is it soft when the hair first comes in?

I'll check out that book soon. I like pigs.
Hey do yours sing and chant in the mornings?


Heidi said...

I bet they were looking for worms -they eat them like spagetti!! *SLURP* I have read where people have pastured thier garden for the pigs in the fall. They *till* it and fertalize it all at the same time. How Earth friendly is that? But as you said - BAD PIG!! LOL

goatgirl said...

Lisa, I was surprised when I got the pigs all the vocalizing they do. They sing, they chant, they scream. I'd love to know what they are saying. They are by far the smartest creature I own. And I do love my pigs.
Their hair is soft when it first comes in.

Heidi, I am going to do that except I am going to use them to till up some areas along the edge of the pasture then I will smooth it out and plant seed.
I will use their power for good, not evil.

frugalmom said...

When I saw what your piggies had done to the pasture I was gonna say, that looks just like what that big pig fella did in The Good, Good Pig! He was always rooting up big pieces of Earth from their yard.

Marigold said...

Take heart. Perhaps you have truffles.

Gone2theDawgs said...

I Love pigs. :)I never "adopted" one because I would want to free range them and I'm not sure if they would leave any pasture "unturned"! I got a real chuckle out of your BAD BAD PIGS, thanks for sharing!!

Pamela said...

I see you got to the "root" of the problem. Just heartbreaking to see that lovely pasture all gouged and trodden....BUT I have to admit I did love the pictures of your pigs..even if they were naughty.

Tracey said...

Good thing the piggies are so cute....
I have something for you at my blog, if you would like to come over and get it:)

Anonymous said...

Pigs are naughty when it comes to rooting. Our pigs rototilled their pen in a day. I think I'll put a garden there next year.

Anonymous said...

So, on a whim, I Googled the phrase "i think i'll put a garden there"... and came up with your story about your pigs.
I laughed hard and wished I had a pig, and a pasture to go with her.

Living in Dallas, MLL