Wednesday, July 30, 2008

What's A Blog?

About a year ago I said, to a gal I work with, "What's a blog?" I had heard that term before but had no idea what it was. About that same time I was searching the web for Nigerian Dwarf breeders in our area and came upon the blog called This Goat's Life, cleverly written from a goat named Baby Belle's point of view. I was hooked and checked almost every day for an update. I am a reader and it combined my love of reading with goats, two of my favorite things. And it is very funny. Following one of the comments left on that blog I made my way over to a young gal that was realizing her dream to become a goat farmer. Deconstructingvenus's blog is funny, edgy and left nothing to the imagination. I enjoyed reading her realization of her dreams until the tragic day when a neighbor's dogs massacred most of her goats, her cat and some chickens. She was so heartbroken that I believe she has abandoned her blog. She was the one that inspired me to start my own. Because I am computer challenged she even added the counter to the end of this blog and was my first person to comment. I was so excited. Now remember I am 48 and I am not from the generation of myspace. To have someone read my writing and comment from across the states is still unbelievable to me. I miss her.

I started this blog because I love to tell stories and my animals give me a ton of material to write about. I write this blog for me, because I love my animals and I love to write. It has helped me with my spelling, my grammar and has given me an outlet for all the stories that are bottled up inside of me. I have "met" some wonderful people along the way. There is:

Farmgirl_dk aka chicken sister because we got chicks at the same time. She taught me how to link my words and this great trick tool. She is very funny. I like funny.

There is twinville , who is as much of an animal collector as I am and is funny and sweet and leaves the longest, most thoughtful comments. I like funny.

Gafarmwoman is living my dream. Lots of land, a proper barn, a hubby that builds great things and her sons close enough to visit and bring grandchildren. She will take you on a trip down Memory Lane. And she's funny.

And last but not certainly least is my friend, Marigold . This goat is smarter than me and writes way above my level of intelligence but I figure if I keep reading she will bring me up to a new level. And she's funny.

I read many other blogs that I enjoy but it would take me forever to link all those words so I have just mentioned my originals that have been faithful readers and commenters.

For someone that didn't even know what a blog was a year ago, I'm hooked. I even wrote to Oprah the other day with a suggestion for a show. I told her I wanted to see a show on blogging, the journaling of our time. And since I didn't think she would be interested in my little puny blog I suggested that can get up to 10,000 comments when she's running a contest. Ree is Pioneer Woman and if you haven't visited it is a must read.

She is funny. I like funny.

My counter at the bottom says over 4,000 hits but at least half of them are me:) checking my blog. So if you are out there and have never commented please do to let me know you care about what I have to say. I made it easy. I took off that silly word verification that I can't see half the time and get wrong. I allowed anonymous because I understand the need to be so.

Just be funny. I like funny.


Danni said...

So, what I think I am hearing you say is that you like funny? :-)
Thanks for mentioning me...and for laughing at my version of humor.
I truly believe laughter can heal a lot of what ails us. Or at least give us a different outlook on things.
Oh and, by the way, I'm a good portion of those 4,000 hits to your blog, too...before I figured out the joys of google reader, I used to have to come visit you every few hours to see if you'd posted a new blog post. :-) (you see, i like funny, too)

goatgirl said...

You got it sis. I like funny. I am pretty sarcastic too. I spend a lot of time at school explaining to kids the meaning of sarcastic, if they don't get my jokes.
So I am thinking I really only have about 5 readers who keep checking in and are as neurotic as I am:)
Thanks for commenting. When I get on Oprah I'm bringing you with me!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I like funny, too!
But I don't think I'm near as funny as Danni, with her unique poses of eggs in champagne glasses and red trucks. haha!

Like you, I'm technically challenged, so I don't even use any of those fancy readers or 'feeds'...(what the heck are they anyway?).
I've been told they would make my life less complicated somehow, but I sort of like checking into your blog several times a day to see if you've posted an interesting story or a cute picture of a llama or goat.

And you are one of my most favorite blogs. I can't imagine not getting my GoatGirl fix every day. :)
You touched my heart with all that you said. I, too am surprised with how blogging connects all of us with similar interests and allows us to share our own lives, thoughts, ideas and experiences with others.

There's just one sad thing about blogging. Most of the time our blogging friends live far away, and after a while, if you're like me, you wish that you could reach out and just meet face to face, for a hug, for some laughter and to see up close, everything they've been blogging about.

I especially felt this way when Deconstructing Venus went through her terrible tragedy with her farm. I think I stumbled upon her blog around the same time you did and I thoroughly enjoyed her raw and often humorous views and experiences in raising goats and chickens.

I cheered her on when she shared the news about starting her small farm business.
I tried to encourage her not to give up when the tragedy happened. And I cried when her dreams fell apart. I miss her, too.

That may be another sad part of blogging, don't you think? When some of our favorite bloggers change direction or move away from blogging. It sure leaves a great big empty void.

Well, I'm sure not being very funny, am I? Poo!

But I have to say that I am very happy that you disabled the Verification Letters.

Although they can often be entertaining all on their own (have you seen what some of those letters spell? haha!), most of the time my eyes would cross when the letters were all twisted and morphed into snakes. And then I'd take several attempts and sometimes either give up, or Blogger would just erase my entire reply. ugh!

Well....hmmmmm. You did say I like to leave long, thoughtful replies. You see I didn't dissapoint this time either.

Good thing blogger doesn't give a word limit on their comment box. hehehehe ;)

sugarcreekstuff said...

Count me as one of your loyal readers.
I had to get my thirteen-year-old to help me figure this weird box, called a computer, out. (Luckily I got a good grade in 8th grade typing class so he at least respects my typing skills)I'm glad he helped and am pleased to have "met" nice ladies like you and to see what it is like on the otherside of this beautiful country of ours.

Anonymous said...

I found you as I was meandering through comments left on pioneerwoman. I guess, being the end of summer break and only a few days left until I too head back to the classroom, why do something weeding???

I enjoyed your blogs and pics. I live in Denver, so wanting to have chickens and goats and actually being able to have chickens and goats, are two separate issues! I have often wondered if I could bribe neighbors with fresh eggs, but living on a corner lot, with the street side being on a major neighborhood walkway to Safeway...that would probably be a lot of eggs!

I say that I have a zoo but a housesitter we used this summer corrected me and said, "That would be a farm!" I guess I went from a zoo, 2 dogs and 4 cats, to a "farm", when I added the rabbit. Actually, they are city "folk" too because I can guarantee they are ALL (except for the rabbit) currently sprawled out on a piece of furniture taking an afternoon siesta in the cool swamp cooler breeze!

Though you say your calico is the prettiest cat, I would have to say that Dottie has some fabulous markings. Can't believe that someone dumped them and glad you gave them a loving home.

Look forward to checking back in with you.


Country Girl said...

I too did not know what a blog was until 5 mo ago. I started doing research on farming as we were new to this lifestyle and I came across lots of blogs and thought, I can do this! I love taking pictures and sharing all my new experiences. I too was a reader of deconstructing venus and was saddened by the destuction of her dreams. I also followed seatoshore until she stepped out of the blogging world. I have enjoyed blogging and learn so much from others. It is great to connect from people from literally around the world!

Tracey said...

Well, I don't know how funny I am....funny looking maybe? But, I really enjoy your blog and share your love of animals :)

goatgirl said...

Yep twinville you didn't disappoint. It is hard to beat Danni's egg positioning but you have it down in the chicken conversation department. Thanks for all your comments. Us llama lovers have to stick together.

sugarcreekstuff, Thanks for being a loyal reader. I am a loyal reader of your blog. My favorite was when your dog rounded up the chickens. And of course I love your bags.

Welcome Mindy, I'll be in Colorado next week. I've never been there so am so excited to see your beautiful state. Thanks for coming by. Don't you just love Pioneer Woman? She's my idol.

Countrygirl, I feel like I know you and I really don't. Isn't that weird? You too have the farm I want! Enjoy....and get a new black lab!

Thanks Tracey, I bet you are funny. Anyone that loves animals see the humor in life. I am thrilled to have a new reader.

Oh my gosh I hope I don't sound like Sally Field.
You like me. You really like me. Sheesh, I'm weird.

farm mama said...

Since several of you mentioned deconstructingvenus, I thought I would bring you up to date on what's happening with her (she's my daughter). Her brother and his family moved here from WA and took over the farm last weekend. They inherited three goats (Tierra, Sable and Mumble) and a whole bunch of chickens, many of which Kayte had hatched from her own eggs. She sold the two angoras, and Gypsy and Tiny. Sable, the one with the broken neck, is doing great, but her neck looks like an elbow and she peers out at you from under one ear. She runs, plays, browses, and is shiny and plump. She is obviously in no pain, even though it is hard to look at her until she crawls up in your lap and you totally fall in love. Kayte & family have moved in with me (I have a big house with lots of extra space) and Kayte is headed to nursing school for her RN. Their goal is to save all they can and buy a small bit of land (maybe an acre)closer to the city where they can keep chickens and maybe a couple of goats. Right now it is too painful for her to blog or even read farm blogs, although she wants to be involved in helping her brother and his wife market their products and will, of course, be a great resource for farm questions. It has been their dream for years to have a small, sustainable farm where they can raise most of their own food and their two boys. A year and a half ago I had never read a blog, and now I read about a dozen farm blogs first thing every morning - I am totally addicted. Yours is at the head of the list.

goatgirl said...

farm mama I have missed you! Thanks so much for letting us know about Kayte. As you can see she has a lot of people that care about her and her family. Please let her know what an inspiration she is and we miss her. She will be a wonderful nurse. I have already seen that.
Thanks for being a loyal reader Farm mama, I didn't know if you still were:)

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a great time here. Hopefully, you are going to be in the mountains because it is hot, hot, HOT in the lower elevations! (We're on some crazy record breaking days in a row in the 90's thing.) If you're in the mtns, watch out for afternoon lightening storms and the fast, raging rivers. We've lost several tourists to both, this summer. Geez! I sound neurotic, like my mom!

How's this? It is a beautiful state and there are lots of things to do here. You will have a lot of fun and don't forget to use sunscreen. I just couldn't help myself on the sunscreen part!

Back to the deck and a book and pretending that it is the beginning of June!


goatgirl said...

Fast raging rivers, lightning storms, lost tourists! Yikes! Now I'm scared. We will be coming to Boulder but have to drive through lots of hot weather to get there. We are going down to L.A. to pick up my son and his stuff then drive to Boulder for grad. school at the University of Colorado.

frugalmom said...

Just began reading your blog by way of farmgirl_dk, as you know. I love your posts and especially the llamas. Sarcasm? I love that, too. And funny? How can you not love that? Both of those things together and you have yourself a real shindig.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...


I hope you don't mind if I steal your comment section for a moment to leave a comment for Farm Mom?

I just want to tell Farm Mom THANK YOU for letting us know what Deconstructing Venus' situation is now because as you can see, many bloggers have had her on our minds and have been worried about her.

She left a huge void or emptyness when she left the blog world.

Maybe she will consider coming back to just blog about her life in general?
She doesn't need a farm to be interesting and extremely funny. She has a way about her that made me want to know her better.

She doesn't need a goat or a chicken to 'fit in'. But it would be wonderful if she posted updates and pictures of her old farmstead and how her brother and family are coming along with it.

Whatever she decides to do, please let her know that we are all thinking of her and she touched our lives in many different ways.

Please give her a hug and huge smile from me, k?

(from Laughing Orca Ranch)

Anonymous said...

GO, BUFFS! That is where I met my husband and graduated from....yikes, 20+ years ago. Boulder is beautiful...really. As you drive west on 36, come up over a crest, and see the Flat Irons...gotta love it. My nephew is currently up there, on a "6 or is it 7 year plan".

I hope you have time to go to Estes Park (it's a real tourist trap but make sure you have cash to buy taffy at the Taffy Shop) and then go on to Rocky Mountain National Park. If you want to do a "native" thing, everybody take one shoe off, on "go" put your foot in the river, and see who can leave their foot in for the longest amount of time. You will all be screaming in pain but it is a tradition that I can remember from when I was little so we always do it. Thinking about it, it isn't probably a "native" thing, it's just something weird my family has always done! ; )

Have a safe trip!


O.K. I want to be a farm girl too! Does it count that I live in the country and have a cat, and a husband who is an animal. O.K. I know he probably doesn't count. I did have 3 racoons that nested in a big evergreen in our backyard until we had it taken down last fall. And I can't leave out the family of squirrels that showed up at my backdoor every morning for years, for peanuts until recently. I think they became a statistic of roadkill. I had two bees in the guest room and 3 spiders in the guest bathroom. Does that qualify me for a mini farm? I'm really stretching this, aren't I??
I love the inspiration I find in your blog. Keep writing and sharing your stories. They make me laugh. I too love humor! How else do we survive?

Marigold said...

Well, well, well! Of COURSE we simply MUST have funny in our lives! Thank you so much for mentioning my most humble musings. I admit I've been spending much too much time in pursuit of grass, of late, and haven't written as much as I'd like (or read, for that matter), but never fear! I shall return full force! I love reading about other goats - particularly relatives. :) Blog on, goatgirl! You do a great job (even if you are not a goat). :) P.S. We miss Deconstructing Venus too!!!!

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Wendy, Congrats on one year! I too asked those same blog questions and I've been going at it now for almost 3 years... and you found me and I've enjoyed your blog since!
Thanks for coming around and bringing fun to my day!

Gone2theDawgs said...

I never thought I would ever get as hooked on blogs as I am! (And I definitely never thought I would write one myself!). I'm in total agreement with the funny, I always can use some more humor in a day. Your comment about being a reader and combining the things you love....well, that explains why all I do is read blogs two novels are sitting by my bed, I only get a page or two read an evening now! Also, I feel like I have an abundance of new friends that I get to interact with weekly. Thanks for your great posts!

goatgirl said...

Thanks for all your nice comments and checking in. It's nice to take roll once in a while:)
And twinville I didn't mind a bit if you "talked" with farm mom while she was here.

Go Buffs!!!!

goatgirl said...

Oh yeah chocolate girl, being a farm girl can be a state of your in. Just bring chocolate.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Goatgirl, I just found you and am ever glad I did. I am not quite sure how? But I will book mark you! Wow there are many diverse women blogging now, it is amazing!
I can be found at

Anonymous said...

Cool blog... I just found it, by accident. I should be doing something else... ummm... I'm a sucker for local farm gals doin their thing - especially when there are chickens and goats involved. I'll be back for a more thorough reading next week (this is crunch time for me with Farmers Market stuff).

goatgirl said...

Welcome far side of fifty, Thanks for coming by and enjoying. I didn't even know what a blog was a year ago.

hendrickhomestead, I'll see you at the Farmer's Market! I am glad you enjoyed my blog. It's fun to meet someone local.