Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Best Day Of My Life

Today is the best day of my life. Some might think that their wedding or the birth of their child is the best day of their life but for me it is when I saw this.....

You see Hubby is a pack rat. Over the years he has brought home anything that he could find that might be useful sometime in the future. Now I must admit that it comes in handy at times but he has gotten a little out of hand. He would bring his treasures home and pile it around his old yellow truck that we fondly call "Ole Yeller" until you could almost not see the truck anymore. Ole Yeller was once a good running truck that was the workhorse of our small farm but for the last 16 years it has sat in the heap of shame. I have been nagging Hubby for 16 years to "just get rid" of that old truck. Being the pack rat he is he hung on to it tightly just in case someone came along and offered him good money for it, which they might of if they could have seen it buried under all that treasure.

But this weekend he decided that the ole girl was too far gone and he got tired of my nagging and called someone to come get her. But first we had to get all the junk around her hauled away. We spent all weekend making scrapyard runs and dump runs. It was like an archaeological dig. We uncovered layers and layers of things that at one time he deemed important enough to pack home. I'd say, "What did you bring these home for?" He'd say, "Hell if I know." We even found the neighbor's cat living in the old truck.

The chickens had a hen party eating all the bugs we uncovered. The goats were quite upset that we were ruining their peaceful weekend and hollered all day long. They loved Ole Yeller. She was good for standing on to get the high branches of alder leaves they love so much. And goats don't like change.

But I do. So we worked hard all weekend and it was the best day of my life when I saw this.

Just ask my son. Ask my best friend. I said that I'd throw a party when it was gone. So friends put on your party hat because Ole Yeller is down the road.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

(wearing my party hat) Whoohoooo! That's great news. Your hubby and mine must have been made from the same cloth. He's a packrat, too.

You know what's worked the best for us?

haha! It's true. When you move, you have to get rid of stuff, especially if you are moving cross-country.
When we moved from South Carolina to New Mexico, after living there for 7 years, we had literally a 4'x30' pile of stuff we had to take to the curb for trash day.
It was unreal!

People kept driving by from Freecycle and just probably by word-of-mouth to pick up our pack-rat mess! haha It was crazy.

But now we don't have stuff that we don't need. Of course, we've only been here for 10 months, but I'm going to stay tough.

Besides, I wouldn't want our own goats to get any munching step-ups to our trees by adding junk to their paddock.
That goat face is sure cute, though, with that funny little tongue peeking out. hehe

Hey! By the way, my faux rooster has been looking for his identical twin.
Looks like he's right there on your side-bar.
Have you seen mine on my side-bar, too? :)

Danni said...

Oh, congratulations! My husband is a pack rat, too, however, all of his "finds" are inside-finds, and stack up around the house, under his side of the bed, in every cupboard, etc. DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! So, just exactly what nagging technique did you use to get rid of ole Yeller finally? :-)
p.s. am I invited to the party? i don't wear party hats, but I would wear bells. :-)

@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Congrats, Wendy1 Mission Accomplished and all that jazz, right? That should open up a whole lotta space for you to do something creative with, right?

Have fun!

goatgirl said...

twinville, I just saw that your faux rooster was just like mine even though I have been looking at your rooster's picture for sometime now. I didn't recognize it because yours is showing his other side. I guess. I love all the colors.
I have a few things I told hubby I was setting on the curb with a free sign. Anyone want a basketball backboard and net? Free!

farmgirl, I used the shame technique. 16 years of nagging can wear a man down. I really told him that what I wanted for my birthday was to get rid of Ole Yeller and to clean up his junk. I think he was thinking he was going to get by cheap this year. Yeah right. Just don't go out in the garage. We may never find you.

clare, that is where my buck pen is going. Ruckus and Moly need a bachelor pad.

And everyone is invited to the party. Don't worry I'm not a hat person. But farmgirl can wear bells:)and twinville has to dance;)
And Clare since you're the closest you can bring some of your lovely flowers:)

Gone2theDawgs said...

I'm VERY jealous here. :) Are you sure you wouldn't like a nice orange, white and moss colored, non-running 70-something GMC pickup to replace Ol Yeller with?
You are my inspiration.....I need to get nagging.....:)

goatgirl said...

Oh no wrensong...don't even think about it. Nag away.
Thanks for stopping by!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You said, "and twinville has to dance"

hehehee! You read my '6 things about me' post didn't you?

You stinker! :D

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh and I see your faux rooster has a special place of honor on your dining table.
We kind of do, too. Our's is on the hearth beside the fireplace, hence his name: "HearthRoo".

goatgirl said...

Yes twinville, now I know alllll about you.

Michelle said...

I followed you here from your comment on Tammy's blog (Wrensong). I am that "dangerous Michelle"! And yes, I could set you up with two VERY friendly, adorable young Shetland wethers who would love to join the crowd around your lawnchair for chin scratches, all the while growing luscious wool that will make you want to learn to spin. Tammy is wiling to haul them north in August....

Oh, and we have a dead 84 Chevy gracing our property that my husband can't get rid of because with its 454 engine, it was his teenage boy's "dream machine" (no matter that we bought it from my dad years after we married). But nagging does NOT work with my husband!

goatgirl said...

Michelle,I have heard of those internet predators. I just didn't expect them to come bearing sheep.

Help wrensong! She's after me.

Michelle said...

Baaa, baaaaa (Blizz and Bryden are calling your name)!

Gone2theDawgs said...

Just don't make eye contact! :)
Wait.....I tried that at first, it doesn't work. I guess you'll just have to become "one of us....." hehe! They're just widdle itty bitty sheep........:)

Michelle said...

Oh wait, that Chevy may be a '76! And my very first goat (and dearly beloved) was a Saanen. No goats now...I hear they'd push my sheep around.

Gone2theDawgs said...

Hey Goatgirl! You could take my 70 something GMC and Michelles 76 Chev and they'd be like bookends! :) We could even fill their beds with sheep if you like.... I think Michelles evilness is wearing off on me.....:)

goatgirl said...

She is wearing off on you. You are suppose to help me.
So here's the thing girls. I don't have a pen for them and Hubby is a bit burnt out in pen building. And my goats would push them around, and we are going to Colorado in August and two more critters might send my neighbor over the edge, and hmmm there has got to be something else I can come up with. Hopefully twinville won't see this because she has sheep and goats and she might pressure me too.
You could post some pictures.
I'd be more apt to take the sheep than your darn old trucks.
I'll send LaMarr, the guy that picked up ours, over to pick up your trucks when your husbands aren't home and you can tell them that someone stole them.

Michelle said...

I do know what you mean about hubbies getting burned out on building fencing and such. Fortunately, your baby goat pen and its denizens would be perfect for two little lambies! If you want to see the candidates for your "petting zoo," look at the last two photos (Bryden is the chocolate one and Blizz is the grey one) here:

Your "planned auto theft" idea is very appealing. Somehow, though, I think I would come under immediate suspicion because of past nagging...

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Ooooh, very dangerous ground here. Goatgirl, you really do know me well, don't ya? haha

I say take 'em in! Bryden and Blizz look so sweet!

I have to admit that I probably like our two sheep more than most of our goats. We are even trying to find new homes for angoras. They are just plain mean and pushy with the sheep and other goats.

I don't like pushy, agressive animals. Sheep aren't pushy or aggressive. They're sweet!

That being said, only you know what you can handle. So weigh the pros and cons, and just go from there.......they sure are cute, though.

Of course, if you take them, then that 'Dangerous Michelle" will know where you live! Aggghhh!!! :D

Oh, and by the way, I have some love to share with you! Come visit my blog to pick up your award!

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendy....we finally said good bye to the old Nova that had 3 (looked like bullet holes) on the side door. AND it sat right out in the yard for everyone to see. I have one more nova in the garage that Fred bought 25 years ago as a project. It is used for a tool box now....I will party and put my poor little car in the garage when it is gone!!!

Chanda said...

I am love'in it. Ask them if they could stop by my house and pick up an old black GMC that's behind the barn, so I can throw a party also.

goatgirl said...

Oh ya Linda, I remember that car. Congrats on getting it down the road. Now work on the toolbox.

Shanda, I am amazed at how many other gals have this problem in common. I'll send the guy over but I think he only goes as far as Oklahoma:)

Michelle, Blizz and Bryden are very cute and although I am tempted I will have to pass for now. If I get a spare pen I'll contact you. You are funny. I did have a black lamb as a kid. I had goats and got a call from someone that needed someone to bottle feed an orphan lamb. His name was Rowdy.

Marigold said...

They had to shoot Old Yeller, didn't they? :)

goatgirl said...

Yes they did Marigold. Just ask Arlis.