Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Trouble With Free Range Chickens

Everyone has their own opinion on the subject of free range chickens. To free range or not to free range. I am here to tell you that free ranging is not all that it is cracked up to be. I have been letting the girls out to wander around the pasture about every day to pick up bugs and grass. So far it's been quite easy to round them up and get them back in when I want. The trouble is they are so darn friendly that they want to be where I am. That would be fine if they didn't leave behind "presents" (that's what I call poo) And it is poo times ten. There is poo in front of the hay shed, there is poo under the carport that houses Hubby's motorcycle trailer, and there is poo on the bottom on my shoes. If they would stay out in the pasture where they are suppose to be that would be great but I have created such dependent hens that after they are done making the rounds they spend most of the day in front of my small barn, fluffing and dusting and POOING. And now that I have let them out they expect it. When I go down in the morning they are right there at the door wanting out. Hurry hurry let me out I have to POO.


@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Would they freak out in a chicken tractor type enclosure, so they would be where you wanted them to be? Just a though! Poo where you want it, can't beat that!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Bwhahahahaaha! You had me giggling so hard!
You know how I feel about free-range. Though I think I'd actually really like having my chickens hunting for bugs and all that, and enjoying the peacefulness of watching them:
1)My neighbors have already warned me about seeing any of our chickens pooping in their yard.
2)We have mucho predators around here: stray dogs, coyotes, cougars, mountain lions, hawks, eagles, vultures, and who knows what else.
3)I don't like poo on my patio.

So, in the coop they stay, unless we let them go on chicken filed trips in the covered chicken play yard.

Thanks for the great story and experience.

Country Girl said...

I think your right! I always want to let our free range and my hubby says no way. A few escaped and did some damage to our gardens so that confirmed he was right, I hate it when that happnens. ~Kim

goatgirl said...

Clare they wouldn't freak out..I don't think but my chicken tractor is too small and not very nice. And Hubby is not good at building things like that. I would love to have one like the one on your blog. I have been watching Craig's list.
twinville, I do know how you feel about free-range and on your patio they would be. The closer to you the better.
Countrygirl, I too hate it when my hubbies right but that seldom happens:)

Chanda said...

Hello, and thanks for stopping by my bolg and commenting. I love meeting new people and making new friends with like people. I have been reading yours and have really been enjoying it. I'm gonna put you on my blog list so I can check in with ya and see what you been up to.
I know all to well about those chicken "presents". I have the same problem. I even catch them up on the front porch sometimes after the cat food. Pesky little boogers, but I cant't stand to see anything peened up all day so I just put up with it.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious!! This is why I love chickens! ;) There's just no stoppin' 'em! After YEARS of begging my parents to get chickens again, I moved a continent away and BAM- the neighbors "no longer dominant" one-eyed rooster adopts them. My dream come true, and I'm not even there! ;)