Saturday, June 7, 2008


Here are a few pictures I took this morning while doing chores. I have been letting the hens out to peck around while I am out there to chase off anyone that fancies a chicken dinner.

I have one hen that has a deformed beak. She leans her head to the side to pick up goodies on the ground. Chickens are smarter than they look.

Here is a picture of her back. She is very pretty and sweet with her crooked smile.

Ramona the Brave is first to come out the door and first to come running if one of the other hens has a problem. She is my favorite.

One of the Light Brahma chicks. I have moved them into the chicken coop with the big girls but due to the age difference I put them in a cage so everyone can get used to each other. The hen with the crooked beak loves to hang out with them. The Speckled Sussex chicks are still in the chicken tractor. I may leave them there, I may not.

One of "The Ladies" after she laid an egg in the goat stall and is telling the neighborhood all about it.

This is huge for Koo. He use to be deathly afraid of the pigs and would not get anywhere near them and now is not so bothered by them. It makes things a lot easier.

Passing out carrots.


@JDHealingTimeOnEarth said...

Thanks for visting my blog and the comments. My daughter lives near Gig Harbor, where you are! Looks like you have quite a nice farm. Keep in touch! And, if you'd like, visit us here:

goatgirl said...

Hi Clare, We are out on Minter Bay. Thanks for the comments.

Marigold said...

I love the facial stripes on your new boy. They remind me of, well, me. I am sure we are related...somehow.

goatgirl said...

Yes I see what you mean. Marigold, Who's your daddy? Or mommy.

Susan aka Chicken Mama said...

Hi GoatGirl:

I would do exactly what you are doing. Keep the youngsters in a separate cage or at least behind a fence of some sort. You want the two groups to see one another for at least a week. Try letting them out for 30 minutes at a time after that initial week and keep an eye on the older, established chickens. They can be vicious. Be sure to have a place the new kids can run and hide or get away from the older ones. I have almost lost some new kids (8 week olds) to the older girls that attacked their backs. Not pretty.

My dear boy, Napoleon, did not make it. Thank you for your kind words.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of the goats and the chickens:) I love the one of Koo just staring at the pig HA HA! Glad to hear all is well there:)

goatgirl said...

Thanks Chicken Mama, I let the younger ones out with the older ones and it didn't go well so back in the cage they went. I will leave them in longer.
I am so sorry about your Napoleon. He was a lucky chicken to have a mama like you:)

sea2shore, Thanks for coming by. Sadly my pictures are very poor quality. I have a hint in for a new camera for my birthday. Or I could invite you over to take pictures:)

Danni said...

Oooooh! I love all the new pics. Your pullets are looking incredibly beautiful! Poor little scissor beak girl, though, but it sounds like she's happy.
Dang - the wind is blowing and it looks like it's drizzling (again)...gotta run out and mow the lawn before my window of opportunity is completely gone (drenched).....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh wow! You've been busy boggin. And I am so far behind!

I love reading your blog and am glad to see some new posts.

Is that Ruckus in that second from the bottom photo? He's grown! And that pic is so darn cute!

Yay for Koo and getting over his porcine fear!

Your crooked beak Ameracauna hen is such a pretty color. I'm impressed that she has figured out how to compensate for her 'disability'.
One of my barred rock girls has a large bump on her beak. It keeps getting bigger and I wonder how big it will be or if it will fall off. It's weird.

I like how you showed how you are separating your Brahma chicken from the older hens. I'll need to do that soon, too with my silkies and polish.

I'm mostly worried that a couple of my bossier hens will find the polish' top hats too much fun to peck at and the silkies smaller size and timidness too much joy to pick on.

Wish me luck.