Sunday, June 15, 2008

Honey We Need A Nursery

After years of living in bliss with my small herd of small goats inside a field fence, along come Cora Belle and Filbert. Experts in the art of fence flaw finding. They can't help it, it comes naturally. Descendants of a long line of fence flaw finders. They can squeeze through the openings in the fence and tend to do it when the horse farmer next door is feeding his horses. They run crying to him like he is their long lost owner. Filbert is even smart enough to squeeze his way back when he's done. So I have been trying to get Hubby to find the time in his busy schedule (motorcycle riding!) to help me build a nursery pen. This will have the proper 2x4 inch openings that are made for small baby goats with big ideas. We started it this weekend. So far we have the holes dug for the posts. It is slow going because we also burned and mowed........and hubby rode motorcycles.
We will need about 150 feet of fencing. I know this because hubby walked it off. Now two of the sides are already fenced with field fence. So hubby starts out and walks the other two sides then he looks at me and calls out a number. I say"Keep going, we need to do the other sides too." He says, "What" and looks at me, with mouth hanging open, pretending he didn't hear me but really he did but is just hoping the answer will change in the meantime. I say "Keep going we need to do all the sides in 2x4 fencing." He gives me a pained look and counts on. 150 feet. When all is said and done the nursery will have a nice stall with a door that opens into the pen and there will be a gate to the main pasture.
Should be done next long as there isn't another motorcycle ride. I'll be screening his calls.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

hehehe...You go girl!

Funny how our critters keep making us change our farm layout and keep adding additions.

We are planning on building a separate area for our 3 angoras because they harrass and antagonize mercilessly all the other animals (except the llamas who won't tolerate any of their bossiness).
Rancher John is rolling his eyes thinking, "when will it stop? When will life on the farm mean slipping into a hammock with a chilled glass of lemonaid for a relaxing nap?"

I honestly don't think he should hold his breath for that, do you?

(ps, those two Houdinis get cuter and prettier each time you post a photo)

Anonymous said...

Cora Belle and Filbert have really grown!
I know from Annie the goat about finding flaws in the fence. Once we found them all(we hope) she still(to this day with kids of her own) sticks her head through the fence wire. Her 2 kids just look embarrassed to have a mother with her head hung in the fence on a regular daily schedule.
Love the pictures and good luck on the new nursery.